100 Days

The Big Guide to The Big One! The climate, nature and humanity face disaster. We know it’s time to act. Do you trust politicians to do the right thing for us? For the planet? Gathering day after day in large numbers at the Nations’ seat of power - means XR can leave the locks, glue and paint behind and instead invite others to unite to survive in peaceful protest - creating a critical mass of people and a moment that’s impossible to ignore. If politicians aren’t willing to put in the hard graft to turn things around, then we will. It’s time we choose our future. This 'book' is a constant work-in-progress and resources become available and plans evolve.


What is the plan? and some key links

In April 2023 (from 21st - 24th) we aim to gather 100,000 people at Parliament - but crucially not just 'rebels'...all humans, all groups, all movements. To demand a fair society and a citizen-led end to the fossil fuel era.

The official campaign to raise the numbers needed started on 11th January which was 100 days to April 21st, hence the name of this campaign as '100 Days'.

This creates the time for spreading the word, collaborating, mobilising, talking to colleagues, friends, family, neighbours, exes, pen pals - anyone who might have an interest in the future of the planet.

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The Big One 21-24 April

What's the plan?

A four day protest with tens of thousands of people, outside the Houses of Parliament from 21st - 24th April 2023, with time on either side for preparation and ‘pack down’.

The invitation is to all humans, all movements, all organisations to come together and stay for as long as they can.

Positive discussions are taking place with a wide range of organisations - allies, friends and new connections, who are lined up to become official supporters.

The action will focus on Parliament Square and the area directly south of Parliament Square. XR will join with other organisations in building alliances, engaging with decisions and transforming energy into pressure on the government.

We intend to create an inclusive space so that people from different backgrounds are welcome to join, with minimal risk of arrest. This means no glue, paint or lock-ons for the four days.

Our rights to gather together at Parliament and on the roads outside the Houses of Parliament are enshrined in international law. We are communicating with the Metropolitan police to facilitate the protest and work together to meet the needs of the local community.

The same informaiton on this page can also be found on The Big One - Info Doc


There will be an inspirational lineup of speakers, musicians, performers, poets, writers and thinkers, alongside radical acts of co-creation from attendees and supporters alike.

The Big One

Activities designed to form connections and encourage participation will take place throughout the streets of Westminster until 20:00 each day. More details and exact event times will be announced.

Friday 21st ~ Unite to Survive

People's Pickets at Government Departments 7am onwards

Saturday 22nd ~ Earth Day

Big One for Biodiversity ~ March

Sunday 23rd ~ Running Out of Time

Marathon Day: Outreach, Organising, Creative Actions & Assemblies

Monday 24th ~ Choose Your Future

People's Pickets at Government Departments 7am onwards

The Programme


4 Days of Preparation ~ 17-20th April

This is the work

In the week before April 21st we will be opening an awesome preparation centre in central London to share with friends and allies from around the UK and beyond; to train, create, hear inspiring artists and make change possible. And have fun while doing it!

After years of the global pandemic, cost of living crisis and new draconian police laws, this is how we will build back momentum and build a stronger movement. Zoom doesn’t cut it. We need to meet in person.

The preparation centre is wheelchair accessible and will be a place where unity is held above uniformity of brand or strategy or demand. Our home is your home - Earth.


4 Days of Occupation ~ 21-24th April

Here Comes Everyone

The weekend is our opportunity to build momentum through discussions, creative activities, assemblies, workshops and sharing.

Friday 21st & Monday 24th

People's Pickets at Government Departments

The Big One begins with People’s Pickets at government departments from 7am on Friday 21st and growing throughout the morning. Groups will self-organise pickets at department entrances South of Parliament Square.

The machinery of state is being used against people and the planet so we're getting on a picket to say, not in our name.

The People’s Picket Supporting Doc has all the information and next steps for planning. This includes the ‘Wedding Table’ announcement to discover who is on each picket.

Whilst the deadline for groups to join pickets has passed, fill in the form and we'll fit you into plans as they develop.

We are still welcoming new organisations to The Big One. To join, please also complete this.

Email with any questions: xr-action@protonmail.com

Saturday 22nd

A massive Biodiversity march on Earth Day, sanctuary and family-friendly spaces, food, art blocking, print-making, performances and amazing guests are some of the things to look forward to.

Big One for Biodiversity ~ 1-3pm Parliament Square


A march, rally and assembly to honour and respect species endangered by the global ecological crisis. All organisations are welcome to join; invite family, friends and everyone you know!

Sunday 23rd

The final stretch of the London marathon will intersect with the occupation, providing an opportunity to engage with the public and actively support those running in the marathon for causes amplified by the climate crisis.

Vigils will continue each evening and we'll be back in force in the morning, making sure we have our demands ready for Monday 24th when parliamentarians return. This is the work.

The occupation will be designed for maximum participation and access; building pressure by coming back again and stronger over the 4 days and showing that we are impossible to ignore.

The Map

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How to contribute to The Big One

We're planning the biggest climate protest ever seen in the UK and we need an army of volunteers to make it happen! Can you help us?

Everything Extinction Rebellion has done has been built by everyday folk volunteering their time. The amount of time our volunteers contribute directly determines how how big an impact we can have. EVERYONE is encouraged to take on a role for The Big One!

There are two main types of role:

  1. Join the Support Crew to get involved with tasks on the ground for the Big One. Help people feel safe and connected. Training and support provided. We need LOTS of people in these roles!

  1. Become a Planner and join a vibrant network of busy ants helping build and weave the action. The work is needed right now, with the roles continuing at least to the end of the action. These roles are remote so you can work online from anywhere in the country.

You can follow one or more of the following routes to finding a role:
The Big One Support Crew

Whether you have a few hours or days to offer for The Big One, there is a role to suit!

HERE you can see the main on the ground crew roles and join one right away. Just tick the box and you will be sent an email with more details of each role and a link to join the Telegram group chat for that team.

We particularly need stewards! It is the perfect starter role and you can even volunteer with your friends and family. Check out everything you might want to know about Stewarding HERE

Apply for roles on our Volunteer Website

Or see and apply for a wider list of open roles on our Volunteer Website (which acts like a jobs board), including online roles which can be done from anywhere in the country.

Here you will see both planner and crew roles.

The Big One community online

HERE you can ask questions, get all the latest announcements and updates and find out how to volunteer your time in the run-up to the Big One. Join the Online Community on Mattermost.

Our friendly online community support team (using the handle @100support) will answer your questions and help you get connected and find the role to best suit you.

Here's is a playlist of videos to help you use Mattermost and to find the app for your phone.

'Make your Impact' zoom calls

We are running a series of 1 hour calls where we talk a little about what is going on and what kind of roles we are looking to fill right now. Come along if you would like to ask us directly about roles and what they entail and get help to find the one right for you.

further dates coming soon.....

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Support Pack

Alliance Building, Outreach tools, Local Group support, Rebel Ringing guidance

Everything you need to know about 100 Days

Everything you can do for 100 Days within an Local Group [LG]

Everything you can do for 100 Days outside a Local Group

Click to view the full Support Pack here


You can find the original Local Group Pack here, which gives you an overview of what you can do to make sure your group is ready to start planning for 100 Days.

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Design Assets

Logos, flyers, posters, assets, design tools - everything you need.

The Big One Design Pack - containing:


The Big One Media & Messaging Guide

For a general introduction to design in XR -- fonts, logos, colours, woodblock images, icons -- see the Design book.

Older design assets from earlier in the 100 Days Campaign can be found here.

Order Scheme

You can order leaflets (plus stickers!) using the Outreach Material form

Orders are sent out as quickly as possible, but please make sure you order in plenty of time ahead of your Outreach.

Assets for The Big One

Supporters Logos version 2 (30th March 2023)

A4 printable poster
Instagram Story graphic
Instagram Post (highlighted logos only)



We are a group of professional graphic designers who are lending their skills to help convey XR’s message beautifully and with maximum effect through the power of good design!

So, if you would like some help, email us at xrdesignforlife@gmail.com or contact us via Mattermost at the UK Design Requests Reception

Form to request materials to be individualised for your local group

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Open Calls

UK Open Calls for The Big One

Next Open Call

Sunday April 16th 19:00 - 20:00 - Register for the zoom

Watch the March 26th Open Call recording on YouTube

Watch the March 5th Open Call recording on YouTube

Here are the slides from the March 5th Open Call

Watch the Feb 12th Open Call recording on YouTube

Here are the slides from the Feb 12th Open Call