Actions planned in the run up to April 21st

General Guidelines

Guidelines for how actions can support our strategy. It is designed to help you think about how you can create beautiful, audacious and striking actions which will help mobilise, fundraise and build momentum towards the mass action starting on 21 April.

80 Days - Unite for Justice

The 100 days Campaign will highlight institutions that are divisive and failing us. 80 days before The Big One, we target the justice system.


Join other movements campaigning around the justice system.

📅 Tues Jan 31, 11.30 – 14.00 The Royal Courts of Justice, WC2A 2LL

🎏 🪧 Bring placards and flags to represent your campaign, and photographs of rights and Earth defenders who've lost liberty or life due to the justice system.


The more UK-wide events the better! Think about action ideas in line with the event aims and to help build alliances with other groups.

👁 Local group action pack action ideas and resources

📧 If you have questions please email:

Download graphics for use on social media here


Dirty Water Action

Dirty Water is a great 'off-the-peg' action for new just joined rebels and old hands alike and, because there has been so much press coverage around the problems with sewage in our water and on our beaches, that Dirty Water actions (which target MPs and water companies) should be effective at attracting a lot of local support and attention. Plus, if you link up with other community action groups in your area, it is also great for alliance building in the run up to 100 Days!

Dirty Water builds an understanding of how extreme weather events directly affect our waterways and pollution levels, and we are taking direct action to demand clean water.This series of actions will run past April - its got legs as the MPS are not doing much to prevent 'Dirty Water'

See the Dirty Water Campaign full info here - where you'll find an action pack which covers the waves of actions starting on 28th January and has all the information you need to take part.

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