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100 Days Design Guide

100 Days Messaging Strategy

For a general introduction to design in XR -- fonts, logos, colours, woodblock images, icons -- see the Design book.


XR's own easy to use design software...
Assets to download
Poster/flyer/graphic template

Or download and use any of the design assets below...


100 Days Logo - download here Iu8100DaysPreview.png

100 Days Multicoloured Logos - download here 100DLogoMultiPreview.png

This or That - Media Storm GIFS This-or-That-Preview.png


A6 Print at Home leaflet - click here to download! A6-Print-at-Home-leaflet-preview.png

A6 Leaflet for Professional Printing - click here to download! A6-Professional-Print-Preview.png

Editable pdf leaflet - click here to download
Download and then open in any software that allows you to edit a pdf file 100D-Local-Group-Customise-Preview.png

You can also order 100 Days leafelts (plus stickers!) using the Outreach Material form

Orders are sent out as quickly as possible, but please make sure you order in plenty of time ahead of your Outreach.

Trusted Messenger Talk Leaflets - click here to download


Trusted Messenger Talk Posters - click here to download



Social Media amplification document

Helping to get the word out - is an act of Love and Rebellion



We are a group of professional graphic designers who are lending their skills to help convey XR’s message beautifully and with maximum effect through the power of good design!
  • We help to uphold the look and the feel of the movement, using the XR design programme and specific Rebellion design packs, helping XR groups who do not have our skill set to produce any of the following: social media content, posters, leaflets, other visuals for actions, etc.

  • We offer help and support for XR groups to use the Aktivisda visual generation tool themselves to produce their own material.

  • We will expand the Aktivisda visual generator website as required by XR groups. So if you want your logo, some symbols, or even a template added to the Aktivisda tool, we can organise that for you.

So, if you would like some help, email us at or contact us via Mattermost at the UK Design Requests Reception

Form to request materials to be individualised for your local group

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