Support Pack

A variety of guidance, tools and resources to help get involved with this campaign.

Everything you need to know about 100 Days

  • How can I explain 100 Days to others?
  • Where can I ask questions and discuss 100 Days?

Everything you can do for 100 Days within an LG

  • Get your LG into shape
  • Mobilise for 100 Days and recruit for your LG!
  • Build Local Alliances
  • Actions for 100 Days and The Big One
  • Fundraising

Everything you can do for 100 Days outside a LG

  • Join a team and ring 10,000 people
  • Join the 100 Days online community
  • Anything else I can do to help?
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You can find the original Local Group Pack here, which gives you an overview of what you can do to make sure your group is ready to start planning for 100 Days.

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