Talks, Training and Workshops

Help deliver our programme, before and / or during The Big One at our amazing indoor venue Patchworks London!

🎓 The Build-up ~ 17–20 April

🎓 The Big One ~ 21-24 April

Do you have talks, training or workshops you'd like to give in London? If so, please complete this form asap.

Key Online Training to take before The Big One.
  • 🔸Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA)
    Details here
  • 🔸Know Your Rights (KYR)
    For everyone planning to attend The Big One in April 2023 who has questions, after watching the FULL Know Your Rights training video.

📆 Q&A Sessions

  • Sat 15 Apr, 12.00–13.30
  • Wed 19 Apr, 19.00–20.30

Watch the training video here

📝 After watching the video, register for a Q&A session here

📧 Questions can be submitted before the session – email:

We need huge amounts of Street Speakers to deliver short talks on-the-ground.


Deliver Street Talks before and during The Big One

👥 Street talks are a fantastic way to quickly engage, upskill and inform people and grow the movement. If you love talking to people and enjoy empowering others, this will be a perfect role for you!
Deliver short on-the-ground talks. No training required - all the info you need is in the Guidance and street scripts

🗣 Support workshops

For questions, practice opportunities and finding a street buddy - all 1h long.

  • Mon 10 Apr, 16.30
  • Thurs 13 Apr, 19.30
  • Sat 15 Apr, 17.00
  • Sun 16 Apr, 10.00
  • Mon 17 Apr, 18.30
  • Tues 18 Apr, 10.00
  • Wed 19 Apr, 14.00

📝 Register here

🎓 Train Street Speakers

This training aims to build a team to train and support Street Speakers

📆 Sun 9 Apr, 18:00-19:00
More sessions added soon!

📝 Register here

Watch the Train the Trainer Guidance video

Individual talks cover:

  • 🔸Know Your Rights
  • 🔸Nonviolent Direct Action
  • 🔸Citizens' Assemblies
  • 🔸De-escalation
  • 🔸Introduction to XR
  • 🔸Street Science
  • 🔸3.5 - Mobilising
  • 🔸Money Rebellion

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