The Big One 21-24 April

What's the plan?

A four day protest with tens of thousands of people, outside the Houses of Parliament from 21st - 24th April 2023, with time on either side for preparation and ‘pack down’.

The invitation is to all humans, all movements, all organisations to come together and stay for as long as they can.

Positive discussions are taking place with a wide range of organisations - allies, friends and new connections, who are lined up to become official supporters.

The action will focus on Parliament Square and the area directly south of Parliament Square. XR will join with other organisations in building alliances, engaging with decisions and transforming energy into pressure on the government.

We intend to create an inclusive space so that people from different backgrounds are welcome to join, with minimal risk of arrest. This means no glue, paint or lock-ons for the four days.

Our rights to gather together at Parliament and on the roads outside the Houses of Parliament are enshrined in international law. We are communicating with the Metropolitan police to facilitate the protest and work together to meet the needs of the local community.

We ask all participants to abide by this Unity Agreement - an invitation to all participants at The Big One to act in a way that promotes respect, love, and safety for all who attend.

The same information on this page can also be found on The Big One - Info Doc


There will be an inspirational lineup of speakers, musicians, performers, poets, writers and thinkers, alongside radical acts of co-creation from attendees and supporters alike.

See the Programme page on the website for full details including a calendar of events. Keep checking back for updates.

The Big One

Activities designed to form connections and encourage participation will take place throughout the streets of Westminster until 20:00 each day. More details and exact event times will be announced.

Friday 21st ~ Unite to Survive

People's Pickets at Government Departments 7am onwards

Saturday 22nd ~ Earth Day

Big One for Biodiversity ~ March

Sunday 23rd ~ Running Out of Time

Marathon Day: Outreach, Organising, Creative Actions & Assemblies

Monday 24th ~ Choose Your Future

People's Pickets at Government Departments 7am onwards

The Programme


4 Days of Occupation ~ 21-24th April

Here Comes Everyone

The weekend is our opportunity to build momentum through discussions, creative activities, assemblies, workshops and sharing.

Friday 21st & Monday 24th

People's Pickets at Government Departments


The Big One begins with People’s Pickets at government departments from 7am on Friday 21st and growing throughout the morning. Groups will self-organise pickets at department entrances South of Parliament Square.

The machinery of state is being used against people and the planet so we're getting on a picket to say, not in our name.

The People’s Picket Supporting Doc has all the information and next steps for planning. This includes the ‘Wedding Table’ announcement to discover who is on each picket.

Whilst the deadline for groups to join pickets has passed, fill in the form and we'll fit you into plans as they develop.

We are still welcoming new organisations to The Big One. To join, please also complete this.

See the map below for details on picket locations. More detail in this Google map.

Email with any questions:

Saturday 22nd

A massive Biodiversity march on Earth Day, sanctuary and family-friendly spaces, food, art blocking, print-making, performances and amazing guests are some of the things to look forward to.

Big One for Biodiversity ~ from 10am Westminster


A march, rally and die-in to honour and respect species endangered by the global ecological crisis. All organisations are welcome to join; invite family, friends and everyone you know!

  • Block printing, artwork & face painting: 10.00-12.30
  • Speak for Nature Workshop: Gather from 12.00, starts 12.30–13.00. Share your love, grief, hope and what you long for about Nature
  • Unite for Nature rally: 13.00-13.30. Hear about the extent of the global ecological crisis, and explore solution pathways such as regenerative practice, ecocide law and citizens’ assemblies
  • Big Biodiversity March: 13.30-14.45. Led by XR Rhythms, with periods of silence, birdsong and sounds of nature along the way! Download and follow the cues to play one or more of these wildlife sound files on phone or bluetooth speaker. Bring along placards and artwork to honour our natural world and endangered species
  • Finale Die-In: 14.45-15.00. Spread out and lie down in silence, for a symbolic spectacle. If you don’t want to participate in the die-in you are invited to move away at the end of the march.

Sunday 23rd

The final stretch of the London marathon will intersect with the occupation, providing an opportunity to engage with the public and actively support those running in the marathon for causes amplified by the climate crisis.

Vigils will continue each evening and we'll be back in force in the morning, making sure we have our demands ready for Monday 24th when parliamentarians return. This is the work.

The occupation will be designed for maximum participation and access; building pressure by coming back again and stronger over the 4 days and showing that we are impossible to ignore.

The Maps

The Big One is…big! To help navigate all that’s going on in Westminster and beyond, there are a few key maps to help.

Site Maps

The following maps can be found on the maps page on the website:

  • Amenities: including public toilets, onsite ‘loos of last resort’, freshwater and sustenance locations. Click on individual icons for more details.
  • Site plans for 21st-24th: including stages, first aid, welcome hub and more.

People’s Pickets

See the map below and also this more detailed Google Map for the location of each picket.


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