About The Rebel Toolkit

Created using software called "BookStack" the Rebel Toolkit is similar to a "Wiki" such as Wikipedia but with more of a focus on delivering and holding resources leading to action

You can contribute to this resource by learning how to create, add and edit content
The Chapters and Pages in this Book will teach you all the main ways to do that

As with all the content here, contact us at xrcommunities@gmail.com if there's something we need to add, remove or explain

(The page called "Welcome to the Rebel Toolkit" in the BookStack chapter is the site home page)

A Toolkit Introduction

Hello and Welcome to the Rebel Toolkit! In this chapter, you will find training tools around how ...

Contributing - What to Consider

Contributing - The Technical Side

Editing, Markdown, images, links, adding a Google doc, two contributors editing simultaneously cl...

BookStack - The Toolkit Platform

Searching, user permissions, known anomalies, and the site home page is the page called "Welcome ...

Contact Us

You can contact the team who manage this web site via the email address on the home page, or post...

Linking you to all XR's biggest web based resources

Realise... Organise... Activate... Regenerate... - R O A R your Love and Rage! [This page is a w...

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