1. An Introduction

What is the Rebel Toolkit?

The Rebel Toolkit - a platform to showcase the incredible work of local rebels from across the nations and regions. A good idea hatched in Cornwall, can be reworked in Teeside and improved again in Dundee...

Our Values:

This platform was created with the following values:

  • Reflection & Learning
  • Decentralisation
  • Celebration

Purpose Statement

The Toolkit is a space to:

  • Share resources and experiences and collaboratively create our legacy.
  • Showcase the creativity and diversity of Local Groups
  • Determine best practice and build a culture of reflection and learning
  • Share our experiences more widely:
    • with other XR groups across the country,
    • internationally with XR groups,
    • or with other social movements to learn from our experiences.

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If you have any feedback or suggestions, need a new shelf or book created, or want to join our team, please post a message, or contact us. We are always looking for people passionate about sharing with and learning from each other to join us!

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