2. A Tour of the Toolkit

Guided Tour of the Toolkit


The Toolkit is split up into shelves, each for a different purpose. On those shelves you will find books which consist of pages often ordered into chapters. This is the terminology used while working with the toolkit.

There are 10 main shelves on the Toolkit.
These follow a rough order in which a new rebel might need them.

The Toolkit is a community curated space where any rebel from across the movement can add resources that they think it would be useful to share. So here you will find details, personalised stories and potentially more haphazard pages - although we do aim to help as much as possible in maintaining some order!

Some of our shelves are monitored more closely - this doesn't mean you shouldn't add to them, just that if you do you are likely to be contacted but the Communities team to help ensure your resources are accessible, well structured and fit in with the shelf as a whole. These shelves are marked with a Registered Trademark symbol ®. Update: now that the contents have settled down, this is not enforced -- please put your material wherever you think it really belongs.

The Using This Toolkit Shelf

(Psst... Thats where you are right now!)

As well as the guides for using the Toolkit, this shelf has a space where you can add pages to experiment, called the Sandbox! Here is a link to the Sandbox

Get the Tour

Our Rebellion Academy team have provided a training on the Toolkit, which includes a Toolkit Guided Tour, if you want to learn more about the Toolkit we highly recommend giving it a go!