3. What can you find on the Toolkit?

The Toolkit does what it says on the tin.

You will find several types of resources on the Toolkit, we are really encouraging people to add whatever they think would be useful for others to know about.

Here are some interesting things to check out:

A Tool for Decentralisation:

We are encouraging rebels across the movement to add their own resources, on anything they feel proud of achieving or something that they have seen that inspired them. You don’t always have to write about your work

  • You could report on something that your Local Group did which inspired you to join and interview those involved to learn how they organised and pulled it off!

    • Indexing existing resources
    • Reporting an event / process / experience
    • Tools to share - Art / Checklists / Guides

Action: Think about the following questions:

  • What do you have in your experiences that you could share:
  • What did you see that inspired you to join XR?
  • What has your LG has done that you are proud of?
  • Are you part of a WG? What resources do you have that may be useful to others
  • Have you been involved in anything which hasn’t worked?

Is it possible to ask people to write 50-100 words on something they could offer? Maybe we could then reach out to them and encourage them to actually do so...

What's on the Toolkit?

Our Rebellion Academy team have provided a training on the Toolkit, wich includes a Toolkit Guided Tour, if you want to learn moe about the Toolkit we highly recommend giving it a go!