Common Sense test

Ask yourself these questions before adding your shiny new resource:

1. Does it already exist?

Duplication avoidance. Check by using the Search Button in the middle at the top of the page. If it exsits and suits your needs you can link directly to it and save yourself some time.

2. Who wrote this resource?

If you include your WG name and contact details such as:

  • Mattermost Reception Channel

  • General Email address

If you made a book or a chapter you can put these details in the description. If you made a page you can include contact details on the page directly.

Then if people want to contact you about it or have related comments they can contact you.

Caveat: Make sure your email is one which isn't personal. Mattermost handles and Reception channels are prefereable.

3. Is it accessible?

This is our Main UK Extinction Rebellion Website, where you will find all about who we are and why we are so full of Love and Rage.

4. Is this a public resource?

If there are personal emails or phone numbers on the resource - unless they are publicly available elsewhere they shouldn't go on the Toolkit, because it's accessible by anyone on the internet.

This is also a reminder that we are a high profile civil disobedience group - you might not want to put information down on here which could in some way be deemed incrminating to you or anyone in XR. - Be careful and sensible when using this tool. Thanks!

5. Spell checked?

There is no spell check on the Toolkit so you need to make sure you havn't made a spollong mistoke because it can make your resource hard to read or just not very good quality. Unless, of course the mistake is there on purpose in which case it's hilarious.