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Realise... Organise... Activate... Regenerate... - R O A R your Love and Rage!

[This page is a work in progress, more links and explanation will be added over time - please suggest new links by writing to and putting "Rebel Toolkit" in the subject line]

:: Realise ::


Core information about XR

Heading for Extinction The first thing to watch
Rebel Starter Pack First XR principles - the XR basics
XR UK XR UK's main Website
XR UK on Facebook XR UK - Facebook Page
XR Global Website The XR Global Website
XR Global Facebook The XR Global Facebook Page
XR UK - Movement Structure XR is a Sociocracy
XR UK's Constitution updated June 2021
XR Future Democracy Hub To address the Climate Crisis
The Science
Heading for Extinction - Talk References Scientists for XR
Climate Emergency - What You Need to Know Climate Emergency Centres

Other information resources

XR UK - Blog Sharing knowledge about Climate Change and Extinction
XR Podcast Trying to answer questions, bring clarity, and demystify all that is XR
XR News & Discussion Group A more edgy space on Facebook looking to engage as many people as possible - the largest XR facebook group on the planet!
Centre for Alternative Technology A far less edgy facebook oasis of calm, where technical, social and political solutions are discussed

:: Organise ::

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XR UK - Rebel Academy Develop skills for XR activities
Volunteers sign-up Become a Volunteer
XR UK - Volunteers group For Volunteers mutual support, to share and shout out
Trust The People Develop resilience in your local community
Finding a Local XR Group XR UK's interactive map of local groups
XR UK - Communities The Communities page on the XR UK Website

Money - in your group

Finance Guide Everything you need to know about keeping your group's finances on track
Group Bank Account Set up a Bank Account for your XR Group


The Hub is the central point from which XR chats, plans, discusses, stores and writes.

To use the Hub you'll need to be invited by an existing admin.

There are three main componants: MatterMost, The Forum and The XR Cloud and it is the portal for several other systems too.

You'll find there are regular Training Events for the Hub as well as a Rebel Academy course and several videos - and some guidance here in the Rebel Toolkit too: The Hub.

XR UK Hub The starting point for all the other resources
MatterMost Where XR chats and does its day-to-day organising
XR UK Forum Where more formal discussions take place and projects are developed
XR UK Cloud The storage area for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, pictures and videos are stored - a more secure store than Google Docs and Google Drive

Video Conferencing

ZOOM NB Zoom is a commercial system and XR has x2 replacement systems that are free to use
Zoom Meetings Security Guide to using ZOOM in the most secure way
XR Meet Meet is our "lite" secure video-conferencing solution that's simple, requires no login and is free for all to use
XR Meet 2 This is XR's fuller-featured secure video-conferencing service and hosted on our own infrastructure - a full replacement for Zoom

Project Tracking

XR Deck system XR "KANBAN" style project tracking system which is more secure than Trello
TRELLO NB Trello is a commercial project tracking system, but you can implement a simple project tracking system on the XR Cloud using XR Deck system

:: Activate ::

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XR London Website Where our highest profile actions often happen
XR London Facebook Group See what XR Londoners are talking about
XR Art Blockers Facebook Page Maker-Activists use Printing Painting and Sewing to make protest objects
XR UK Informed Dissent Help making informed decisions about legal issues when protesting in England and Wales
TruthTeller - Whistleblower Website A space for whistleblowers to report employer related environmental crimes
Digital Rebellion Amplifying our Actions through the use of telephone campaigns and social media
Back Office Support This link will open an email to where you can offer your help - Back Office tasks include taking calls; reporting arrests; arranging police station supporters to meet arrestees on release. Do this from home or possibly a location in London

Art & Media

XR Artists Musicians & Poets Group A Facebook Group for XR Creatives
XR Creative XR Creative Hub for Writers, Poets, Musicians and Artists
Images and Artwork XR Artwork
Paint The Streets Paint The Streets Resources - Leaflets, Fonts, Posters, Banners, Flyposters
Printable Artwork More Printable Posters & Banners

Photography and Film

Video Resources Video Resources
Rebel Tube XR YouTube Channel
Photography Photography
XR Media Archive - Google Drive Guide to using the Media Archive
International XR Picture Resource Rebel Media Archive
Visualising Climate Change Browse the Collection

Writing (Non-Fiction)

Writers Rebel There is a Plan REBEL ZINE XR Symbol


Graphics Generator Produces graphics for your action, talk or facebook post in the Extinction Rebellion "house style"

Rebel Radio

Rebel Radio
Extinction Rebellion UK's official radio channel where the Climate and Ecological Emergency is the number one topic of conversation - hosted by Soho Radio, XR broadcasts live from their studio in Soho, London
Twitter: @XR_RebelRadio

Cyber Action

Digital Rebellion Digital Rebellion enables you to take action from home that will be aligned with actions on the streets
XR Remote Rebels Group A group for those who want to get involved but have restricted time or mobility, maybe you're a carer, or have mobility restrictions, or young kids, or a business? Join us!
XR Volunteers This group calls out for help with specific tasks to directly support actions, it could be at fracking sites or tree clearances and they share articles and videos relating to actions where they have played a part.

:: Regenerate ::

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XR Regenerative Cultures Regenerative Cultures within XR. Lots of articles and resources about caring for yourself and others.
Dealing with Group Tensions & Conflicts The XR UK Transformative Conflict Agreement
The Climate Psychology Alliance Helps accept the tragedy of climate and species loss
Wellbeing & "Regen" Toolkit Shelf 9. XR we integrate 'Regenerative Culture' - "Regen" as we know it into all we do
Extinction Rebellion Empathy Circles Empathy Circles are a practice using active listening. They run the Team Building Empathy Cafe for XR groups. Register here
XR UK - Feedback Page Read some positive reactions to XR's actions!
Toby Ord on our existential Risk For all, but particularly those in or near despair: this is Toby Ord the Australian Philosopher exploring ways individuals can contribute to existential risk reduction, with the careers they choose, effective giving, and contributing to the public conversation.
The Precipice Here you can get a free copy of Toby Ord's book