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Our Menu, Explained

Welcome to the new Creative Actions Menu.

We thought we would give a short introduction into why we created this document and how it might help you.

We are aware groups and regions have different challenges, resources and different levels of experience. We want to empower local groups to create their own creative actions and develop their own ideas. We also want groups to maintain autonomy, whilst also providing enough support for those without experience or a clear place to start and grow from.

We thought many would find it useful to have a list of action designs to choose from that could be used a la carte or tailored to a specific group or region as a starting point. You can chop and change anything on this actions menu to tailor it to be more relevant to local issues in your area.

There is power in unity and many voices speaking as one, but there is also strength in the words that connect to your community. Consider this menu a toolkit. If it contains things that help you get the job done then use it, but it is an invitation not an instruction.

We’ve added some tried and tested ideas in there, as well as some brand new and updated ideas from some of our creative rebels. We know that we need to unite to survive. So we’ve also added actions that other non - XR groups have done, because we felt it was important to celebrate other groups and be inspired by a wide range of creative activism.

The Creative Circle has arranged this document as a menu for all you creative chefs, with starters, mains and saucy desserts.

Also available as a presentation (but may not include all content) COLLECTION OF ACTION DESIGNS

Bon appetit! Love and Rage, Creative Circle.

Ideas for getting started

We are all crew. This means the rebellion starts with you, we are all part of the team and we find ways so that everyone can be included. If you don’t have a local group, then make one. We just get stuck in and learn on the job! All you need is the willingness to create change.

We are decentralised. This means there is no hierarchy. You don’t need to ask permission to instigate taking action and getting started on your idea or group. As long as it fits with our Demands and Principles and Values, it's a go!

Here Comes Everyone. Our current strategy is about gaining a wider spectrum of support. We are encouraging you to think local and also expand outwards to groups outside of your usual circles. This could involve engaging with different religious groups, BPOC (Black and People of Colour) and LGBT+ groups.

TOP TIPS for engaging with different communities outside your own:

  • Try to leave your preconceived notions about different cultures and identities at the door. Many marginalised groups are the victims of the mainstream media and harmful stereotypes, just as members of XR are also.
  • Engaging with different communities may involve learning more about their values, culture, terminologies before engaging. This will ensure we are being respectful and culturally sensitive.
  • If you don’t know, ask. Never assume! A step to making connections with other groups might involve hiring their space at a local community centre for example: Quaker House, Church hall, Gymkhana and Islamic Centres.
  • Showing up to other groups' events, without co-opting, can also bring genuine connections and express solidarity. A step further would also be offering to help their community, behind the scenes, away from the public eye.
  • Sharing resources such as art materials or even volunteers can also be a way of bridging divides and making meaningful connections.
  • You could invite other community groups to have their own stall for their group at your event. This will encourage dialogue and show that you care for what they have got to say, as opposed to tokenism.
  • If a group does not want to engage with XR for whatever reason, we must listen to this and take their no with respect. There are very real and valid reasons why certain communities may not wish to engage with XR, such as visits from the police.
Our Menu, Explained

Starters - Our starters are participation actions that will help mobilise and empower your group. These will take some prep time but can be done more easily.

Mains - Our mains are the main attraction, they are our showstoppers. These will take some more lead time to coordinate and organise. You may need time to make costumes and get people to turn up to the action on the day.

Desserts - Our desserts are designed to go BIG and push the boundaries, adding a bit of comedy or irony. These might cause an annoyance but this doesn’t have to be illegal. You could add a little spice, if you choose.

Sides - We’ve added sides for our Children’s Menu. These are community building activities you can do, in between actions to keep up the momentum for your group or small activities you could do at an event.

The Spice-ometer

The menu items are marked ‘spicy’ according to level of risk of arrest. Please keep in mind that any action can become ‘spicy’, depending on police discretion. Please carefully consider your personal situation before taking part, this is your responsibility.

We recommend always having ‘Know Your Rights Training’, before taking part in actions. Some actions will have alterations you can make to make it more or less spicy if you want to. That being said, we know that you don’t need an action to be spicy to be impactful! We have designed this menu for all levels of participation, including children.

🌶️Sweet - Low risk actions that are unlikely to lead to arrest.

🌶️🌶️Mild - Medium risk actions that may or may not lead to arrest.

🌶️🌶️🌶️Hot - Higher risk actions that are likely to get you arrested.