Error Messages and Problems

Email fails domain authentication

Error message seen, sometimes in conjunction with an email going in to junk email.

'This email has failed its domain's authentication requirements. It may be spoofed or improperly forwarded!'

How you would notice

You've drafted your email and send a test to your own email ( is particularly sensitive to this error), and you have this error message shown above. Your test email may have also gone into your Junk/Spam folder


Something wrong with the reply-to email. In particular email addresses are not recommended

Temporary fix

Try sending another test with in the 'Reply-to Email' field. If this works - then that is a sign that the system (or the internet!) doesn't like your reply-to email address.

Permanant fix

Use a different reply-to email address. If you are part of an XRUK central team, campaign group or local group you can apply for an email address which should work much better for you as we have registered '' with Action Network as a valid 'domain' to stop this kind of problem.

Action Network ID attached

This is very important: links copied from other Action Network emails contain tracking links; people's personal Action Network ID's etc.

The error you get is a pop-up box list this...

you appear to have a link with an Action Network ID attached

The cause

Using this example:

If you copied the link from an Action Network email that you had previously received - the link will have your personal ID attached (the &can_id=xxx part). You don't need any of the information after the question mark.

The solution

In this case you would just use

This goes for other links with user info embedded - eg. some Google links or links to Facebook or a fundraiser. Just cut out the question mark and everything after, make sure the links still works and just use that instead.

Photos not loading

Note : Protonmail seems to be the most sensitive to errors like this, so sending [test] emails to a protonmail address is a good way to test for errors.

Filename glitch

Glitch noticed Apr 2022 : If photos look like they've been added to your email, but when you do a test email they appear blank with only the alt-text showing.... then check the file name.

It was found that file names with a + sign were being problematic.


Change the filename to something simpler. Add the image to the email again and do another test to yourself to check.

Size glitch

It is good practice to optimise your images within an email. Smaller files load faster and have a smaller carbon footprint! Also it has been noted that some email providers aren't loading large images. You can reduce the size of your graphics and images, preferably to 600px or 700px wide. You can either do this in graphics software before you upload OR you can do this after you've uploaded to your Action Network email. The instructions on this are on this page here.

Alt text glitch

Don't use quotation marks in the alt-text. This makes images fail to load in protonmail (and maybe other emails too)

Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp join links

The very best thing to do to avoid glitches like the ones described below is to ALWAYS send yourself test emails before sending to a whole email list.

These errors change over time, so testing is your best friend!

Be sure to read your test emails both on a computer AND a phone. Then click on every link in your email to check it's working.

It has been noted that Telegram invite links (ones with + signs in them, not the public ones like Rebellion Broadcast, they are fine) don't work when reading an email on a phone.

Current work-around (which goes against advice about shortlinks!) is to turn the Telegram join link in to an short link, before then hyperlinking it in an email. e.g.

Fix for signal join links not working is to add ?no_rewrite=true to the end or the URL - which stops the Action Network tracking link and seems to help.

No known issues. domain

Major problems using as the 'reply-to email'

We are seeing very substantially reduced delivery and open rates if using a domain email address as a reply-to address when sending Action Network emails.

Action Network have been informed, but no change as yet for this issue.(Aug 2023).

For now it is just best to avoid using this domain.

No issues noticed with the older email addresses.

Note: Local Groups, XRUK or Nation/Region circles, or other people holding roles in the movement can apply for an email address