Error Messages and Problems

Email fails domain authentication

Error message seen in conjunction with an email going in to junk email.

This email has failed its domain's authentication requirements. It may be spoofed or improperly forwarded!

How you would notice :

You've drafted your email and send a test to your email, but it (prob) goes into 'junk' and also have this error message shown above.

Reason :

Something wrong with the reply-to email (actual reason to be established!)

Fix :

Temporary fix Try sending another test with, if this works - either use this email as your reply to or another email of your choice that doesn't give the error.

Permanent Fix coming soon!

Action Network ID attached

Private data embeded in links VERY IMPORTANT - don't use links that you've copied out of other emails. Links from Action Network email contain tracking links and people's personal Action Network ID's etc.

The error you get is a pop-up box list this...

The cause :


If you copied the link from an Action Network email that you had previously received - the link will have your personal ID attached and info about the email it was sent from. You don't need any of the information after the question mark.

The solution :

In this case you would just use

This goes for other links with use info in - eg. some google links or links to Facebook or a fundraiser. Just cut out the question mark and everything after and make sure the links still works and just use that instead.

Photos not loading

Glitch noticed Apr 2022 : If photos look like they've been added to your email, but when you do a test email they appear blank with only the alt-text showing.... then check the file name.

It was found that file names with a + sign were being problematic.

Fix: change the filename to something simpler. Add the image to the email again and do another test to yourself to check.