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Create reports on Action Network

Creating reports in Action Network let you see what data subscribers have have provided, what actions* they have taken etc and create lists that match certain criteria.

*actions is Action Network jargon for interaction with forms or events created on the system.

To view current reports or create a new one

Add a title and choose criteria from various categories

For example - people who have signed up to your list in the last 7 days


Blue button on the bottom right of the screen.

Choose data to view

There are the core fields of email, name, postcode, phone. But also you can choose to view extra bit of data e.g. the date they subscribed to your list. Also you can rearranged these data field using the 6 little dots to pick up and reorder.


Remember to REFRESH

When you view reports you always need to 'refresh' to get the latest data. This is very important for a report like 'last 7 days'

Mass Operation and Recurring Reports

If you need support on this options, then please get in touch with the Action Network Data Team

Note that, once you have created a report you will see a link in red, bottom right; CREATE AN EMAIL BASED ON THIS REPORT.