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General Readability and Accessibility

GuidanceWriting forclear, writingreadable emails with focus on readers with visual impairments, dyslexia etc.

Please help edit this page if you have knowledge/guidance on any of these issues.

Text Using non-serif fonts such as the one here in this document makes text easier to read.

Alt tags on Images Use 'alt' tags on images. Just click the image after you've imported it into an email and write a description for the 'alt/title' e.g. Rebel holding pink banner reading 'Act Now' - this is good practice for accessibility reasons but could also help with deliverability

Adding images can sometimes stretch out your email width-ways and make your text appear really small (especially on a phone). They way to fix this when using the default 'Visual/html' EmailType.png

To set the alt tag and the size of an image, click on the image within your email and edit these options... email_image_options.png