Getting started

Here you'll find links to resources that will help you get started with Action Network.

Please note: this page is a work in progress, so is not a comprehensive index of all the Action Network tools and features that are used in XR. If you'd like to suggest or request a guide for a useful feature not listed here, or if you have some knowledge to share that you think is useful for other rebels, please get in touch with the Data Team on Mattermost

First things first...

For Information on how to create a new group, including considerations for whether it is GDPR-compliant to move your list into Action Network from another system, please go to Creating a group. The chapter covers what you need to know before migrating your email lists, about GDPR and becoming an Action Network admin.

Navigating Action Network:

If you are totally new to the Action Network platform, you may find these two videos at Action Network useful:

An introduction to Action Network tools

This is a brief introduction to the tools - they are all well documented elsewhere - in the toolkit under Action network for XR and at Network’s support pages) - so this is just a skim through with handy links to the resources.

You can use Action Network to ...

- create and send emails to a list
Did you know…

Sending emails via Action Network is an important tool used to support the movement. And it costs $1 per 1,000 emails sent. So if you're sending an email to 100 people in your local group, it’s not a big deal, but if you're sending weekly emails to the whole of the UK, please stop and think :-)

- target your email to a specific subset of your group's list
- create ladders

Ladders allow you to deliver an automated series of emails to individuals, which can take a different course, depending on what action they took.

- create forms

There are some XR guidelines that should be considered before you create and send/publish forms.

  • In the XR Action Network system, you need permission to be able to create new questions to use in forms. There are ready-made questions that are available for you to use, and using these 'pre-built' questions helps the XR Data Team to keep data on rebels organised. If you still need to create a new question please fill out this form and contact the Data Team on Mattermost for next steps.

  • Video tutorial on forms (links to Action Network Support)

- create reports

You can create reports that can be used to target a certain subset of rebels in your group's list.

Getting in touch with the Data Team

The best way to communicate with the Data Team is on Mattermost and the Forum: