How to start using Action Network as your mailing tool

Setting up your group on Action Network

First please check to see if your group is listed on the map seen here. The 'sign up for news' button on each of this map pins is what connects potential rebels to your email list.

If your group isn't listed or if you need to make any updates to your groups details (including the social media listing) then please email

Then contact the Action Network Data Team explaining that your group would like to use Action Network to send emails.

Once you have requested the email list - you will need to look after it by becoming an admin. You can use the rebel toolkit to teach yourself some of the things you need to know, but also you can request some training from the contact the team.

Migrating an existing list

This is a great thing to do, but you need to make sure GDPR regulations are respected. Please read can I migrate my email list to Action Network? page. Then get in touch with the Action Network Data Team to discuss.