Making e-mails work.

While the technical process of sending an email is actually relatively straightforward, actually getting people to open and read your email is a different matter. The links we've included below take you to websites that discuss various ways and means of making emails successful. The main thing you need to think about from the beginning is how your email looks when it arrives in an activist mailbox. This means taking some time to consider exactly what you're going to put in your subject line and the preview text. Action Network’s emails tab Is able to show you how successful your emails have been in terms of being opened. To get this information, click the manage item next to your email in the list.

Your local group will be producing emails for all sorts of different reasons and it's important to think about the function of each email before you send it out. The links we have provided may seem very far from the kinds of emails that Extinction rebellion will send and a lot of them are full of marketing jargon, but they do contain some useful advice when it comes to to getting readers to open an email and take action from that email.

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