See who isn't signed up to The Big One yet!

How to view the people on your local group email list who haven't signed up to The Big One in April.

1. Click on a Report


2. Name your report


3. Target the report with a tag

First close the first option bar

Open the next option bar

Then pick the tag called 'Ticker' in the 'EXCLUDE' column on the right

Note that the UK Rebel Ringing team have been calling people who have signed up recently on the UK email list from October 2022 onwards. So you might want to refine your search to before that date. If you want to do that add another 'EXCLUDE' to your report in the top 'Engagement' section...

4. View your Activists

Go to the bottom of the report and click 'save and select data', then pick which fields you want to view. In this case you might want to put the name first and then the phone number, as probably the best thing you could do right now is look for names you recognise and give them a text or a call to see if you can convince them to come to London in April.

Then click 'save and get results'

5. If you have lots of data

If you have a long list to get though, then you might want to make a report and export it. You do this by 'Create Report CVS' - then you have to wait about 5mins, then it'll be ready and you can pick the top option of 'Download Last Report'. Note if you do this, then please be sure to completely delete the data from your computer and destroy any print outs after you've completed the task.

6. BONUS info

If you are looking to call people on your list, but want to avoid those already contact by the UK Rebel Ringing teams this year, you can target like this...