Using and exporting data

Occasionally, you may wish to use data outside of AN, for example, to make a list of phone numbers available to a trusted team of volunteers to make some calls.

The basic rule for this is that it's always better to keep data within Action Network. Below we explain why that's the case, and suggest some ways to share data with your team without downloading it to your own computers.

Why does this matter?

Action Network is designed to keep rebels' data secure. It uses a combination of security measures including data encryption, regular software updates, firewalls and scanning tools which makes it a much safer online space than a domestic computer.

Every time you download Rebels' data to your own computer, there's an increased risk that it can be accessed or leaked. For that reason, we'd strongly encourage you to follow some simple principles in using data outside Action Network:

Sharing data without downloading

In Action Network, build a report to identify the data you need. Remember to only include relevant fields.

On the lowest blue toolbar, select 'Report Access' and use the Email Invitation box to invite others to view the data within Action Network.


Be aware that anyone you invite will be able to download the report. If they're not already familiar with data protection guidance, encourage them to read through this advice or ask them not to download it.

Anyone you share a report with should also have signed the Volunteer Agreement.

When the duration of your campaign is over, revoke this report access.

If you need to download data

Occasionally you may decide there's no alternative but to download data from Action Network. If that's the case, you can download any report using the toolbar on the right hand side of the results.

Before you begin, make sure:

Ideally, keep the data as a cloud-based document, preferable our own XR Cloud on the Comms Hub, or Cryptpad rather than sharing multiple copies of the same Excel file by email. You'll probably need to download one copy to your own computer first, and then upload it to the cloud to share with others.

Avoid storing data on any portable device such as a USB drive, which can be easily mislaid.

When you've finished using the data, make sure it's deleted from:

If you have any questions, please contact the Action Network Support Team or the GDPR and security team.

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