Visual / HTML


Follow step 3 above. Then start typing. A good way to start your email is to type 'Dear' or 'Hello' and then choose 'First Name' from the 'Clips' and then type a comma....

In this mode you can view what you have written as HTML code.

Care must be taken in this mode when adding images - as it can create problems with layout, especially on phones. Images should be maximum of 700px wide.

Send and Target your email

First you can send yourself a test email. It is always good to check your email on a phone as well as on a computer to see what it looks like. Or test to different emails as the layout can vary. Or you could also send to a friend to proof read.

When you are happy with your email - click 'SAVE AND TARGET YOUR EMAIL'

You can now see the targetting page. You can just skip this and click SAVE, PREVIEW and SEND. If you want to know more about targetting - it's the same as when doing Reports

The next page shows a preview of your email. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see Action Network calculating how many 'activists' to send to.

When it's finished you'll see how many activists you are about to send the email to. You can now either schedule (note minus 5hrs due to this being EST) or just send immediately.