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Strategy & Guidance

The Actions Strategy was developed from and centered around the core XR UK Movement Strategy.

UK Actions Strategy 2023/24

Phase 1 - Here Comes Everyone, Everywhere
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Full details of the strategy

UK Actions Circle support

Major Actions, UK Wide Actions or Campaigns or Actions of UK significance should all reach out to the UK Actions circle for support and guidance.
Criteria for UK Actions Circle support

The Actions Community - Get Help and Advice

Don't panic!

You have reached this book because you want to drive change through action - the very essence of Extinction Rebellion. You might have an idea and want help to mak eit a reality, or you might be looking for pre-packaged 'flat pack' action plans.

The Actions Community is here to help you

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Diversity & Inclusivity at Actions

XR Principles on Diversity, Inclusivity & Accessibility

Extinction Rebellion is committed to equality and to enabling people who have been marginalised by systemic oppression to act now and give their message in solidarity.

These guidelines are designed to be practical and manageable and will ensure diversity, inclusivity and accessibility are embedded in action planning and design.

A useful checklist has been written by the Disabled Rebels Network and Protest Liason. This can printed and used when considering your action.

Diversity and inclusivity is important all the time. This process is for action proposals but remember that diversity, accessibility and inclusivity is just as important for the planning meetings as it is for the action itself. For a comprehensive breakdown of considerations, please see XR Principles of Inclusivity

Actions need to be designed to be as inclusive as possible. While total inclusivity is impossible, actions should aim to be inclusive for the widest range of people possible.

Where an action may exclude people, for example climbing Big Ben to drop a banner, there are additional considerations such as necessity and proportionality. However, try not to make assumptions about individuals’ limitations. Think of paralympian James Brown on top of a jet at City Airport.

The larger the action is, the greater the issue of diversity and inclusivity will be. With smaller actions, resources may be limited but the same issues must be considered and those affected should be consulted. If action planners receive requests from representatives of marginalised groups, they should be treated as a priority.

It is accepted that this is a dynamic document and, as Extinction Rebellion grows, more diversity and inclusivity considerations may become apparent and included as we respond to feedback from within and outside XR.

This process splits the actions into two types: inclusive actions; exclusionary actions. The process aims to help action planners consider possible barriers to marginalised groups starting with the process for inclusive actions and finally, on the last page, addressing exclusionary actions.

Actions that aim to be inclusive for all marginalised groups
Inclusive Actions

Covid 19 affects some groups of people disproportionately. The aim of inclusivity in planned actions is threatened if an activity presents (or is seen to present) a greater risk of infection to some groups of people. The following factors significantly increase risk:

Any activity involving a risk of COVID-19 infection presents a greater danger to people in these groups whether as participants or within the wider community. Reducing risk of infection will increase the opportunities for everyone to participate. When designing actions we therefore need to be conscious of the need to minimise the risk of COVID-19 infection. Not only will this protect rebels and the wider community, it will also help us optimise the protest and achieve our aim of inclusivity.

Actions which do not respect physical distancing and/or involve risk of arrest present an increased risk of infection of Covid-19.


Oppression - There is a significant probability that disabled people have experienced discrimination and oppressive behaviour by the police and others. The process of being arrested can be particularly harrowing for those with disabilities who may have to rely on the police for greater support and care whilst in custody. Many, with good reason, will feel excluded if the action is designed to have a high risk of arrest.

Hearing impaired
Vision Impaired

There is a wide range of considerations for neurodivergent people. Offer help and be directed rather than asking about needs.


Oppression - There is a significant probability that people of colour have experienced discrimination and oppressive behaviour by the police and others. Many, with good reason, have no confidence in the justice system. If the action is designed to have a high risk of arrest then this will tend to exclude people of colour, LGBTQ+ and disabled rebels.
Covid 19 affects people of colour disproportionately. Actions which do not respect physical distancing and/or involve risk of arrest present an increased risk of infection of Covid 19.


There are parallel issues with ethnicity and disability in that there is a significant probability that LGBTQ+ people have experienced discrimination and oppressive behaviour by the police and others. Actions with a high risk of arrest may exclude LGBTQ+ people.


Families can be marginalised with children and be members of other marginalised groups. The exclusionary issues listed in this process can have a heightened effect on young rebels.


Protection of the planet is important to all faiths and it is important to ensure that all feel welcome.

Actions that may exclude marginalised groups (exclusionary actions)

Exclusionary Actions

It is accepted that the nature and requirements of some actions will exclude some rebels from taking part. It is important that this is recognised at the design stage and assessed to ensure that the exclusionary aspect is necessary, has been minimised and is deemed proportionate to the purpose of the action.

XR Principles of Inclusivity

Getting started resources

The How-To guide to planning effective NVDA

A useful booklet although a few years old now to give to those thinking about their first actions

Rebel Agreement Flyer

All rebels participating in actions should have agreed to the Rebel Agreement beforehand

Roles within your Action Team

Roles within your group

It is advised to have these designated roles covered and a back-up for each role in case of someone being unable to attend at short notice. This is not an extensive list of roles for larger actions.

These roles are designated as low-risk of arrest, however there is never any guarantee how the police will respond to an action and we are all responsible for ourselves and our actions: more on Legal stuff here.

Roles with a ** by them are essential if you’re planning a spicy action:

Many of these roles have circles within XR who can help if you need it.