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Media and Messaging

Very important to consider how your action will come across/how you want it to be portrayed: it is useful to agree on the following:

  1. The main narrative
  2. FACTS to support choice of action
  3. Spokespeople on the ground who can speak confidently on (1. and 2.) to press and media

It can be useful to create a ‘Key Messaging & Factsheet’ document around an action press, spokespeople, XR central media team, social media reps etc. The messaging strategy for any action must always be in line with the Core Values and Principles.

When publicising the event, think about:

  • WHO you’re talking to (e.g. locals, green campaigners, school kids, etc),
  • WHERE THEY ARE (Facebook, community notice boards, listening to local radio)
  • WHAT LANGUAGE THEY SPEAK (science/facts, supporting their community, spirituality, empowerment).
Messaging Guidance

When planning the action, do your best to ensure the activists who are going to be present at the action understand what to say if approached by the media for an interview/quote. Or know who the press liaison on the ground is to direct them to.

Get in touch with your local media team well in advance of the action so that they can prepare a press release and spokespeople. Send 250 words and 5 W’s: Who, what, where, when, why, HOW? to describe the action also to for further coverage and support.

When talking to the media – bring your personal story, who you are, why you are doing this, your heart; then talk about the climate and ecological emergency and why it must be responded to in this way; and then move onto specifics about the narrative of your action or backing it up with more facts.