Things to consider when planning an Action

Give yourself time. At least a month planning, preferably. This is especially important for nourishing a regenerative culture. It also allows you to sit with ideas and reflect and develop them without rushing into things

This is not an exhaustive list but covers the main headings it will be useful to think about before reaching out for help
Type of Action

Spicy/Family friendly, Press/Media impact, Creative, March, Rally, Occupation


It is best to tell everyone what you are doing – there is huge power in telling the government, the police and the media where you will be and when, and then doing it. This is an act of pure defiance. We are too many to stop. We are reclaiming our power. It is also respectful to give members of the public /city transport management due warning of disruption so they can choose to not drive their car/take another route. Recognize important routes where access needs to be clear for emergency vehicles. We aim to disrupt, but not to harm.

There may be different levels of OPENNESS in the planning of an action and within parts of an action:
Support from Back Office

Think about NUMBERS when planning:

Location and Timing

Think about LOCATION when planning:

Roles within your Action team

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