Everything you might want to know about stewarding events, actions, marches.

What's it like being a Steward?

'I've been a steward for XR on a few rebellions, and absolutely love it - the stewards are a really welcoming team and its really fun. When I first started stewarding, I was REALLY nervous, but it's easy to get the hang of, the other stewards look after you and there is lots of guidance and training.'
Nic, XR Steward

I started stewarding in 2020 when I found I was sometimes the only person from my Local Group at a protest. I've made new friends from all over and felt part of a supportive group as well as feeling useful. I had some previous local experience which was helpful but there are plenty of training sessions and we usually buddy up.
Claire, XR Steward

What does it involve

Stewards : With a large event we need a LOT of stewards! - as a minimum 1 Steward per 100 attendees. Even small local events benefit from a few stewards. No experience needed - training provided.

Stewards help to ensure all attendees at an event are safe. On a march this would include keeping people away from traffic, supporting road closures and keeping the march together. At a static event, this would include answering questions from the public or attendees, pointing people in the right direction, or helping them find others. We give full training (online and at the event) and new stewards are buddied up with experienced ones (we usually aim to steward in pairs).

What next

So I want to be a Steward, what next?

Online Stewarding Training

Signup to be a Steward on XR Action Network

So I want to be a Steward, what next?

Join the Telegram Chat

Join one or both the Telegram chats listed here: Steward Communications
Please don't be put off if you don't use Telegram though - you can still volunteer in person by just turning up on the day and asking for the Lead Steward (although it will be much easier to know what's planned if you Signup to be a Steward on XR Action Network beforehand.

Complete the Recruitment Form

For large scale events we organise rotas to share the workload. Information on these will be published in advance via our email newsletter and on the Telegram chats. Signup to be a Steward on XR Action Network with your details, especially if you want to be verified as a potential Lead Steward.

Join a Training Session

Register for an online training session, or watch a video recording

Alternatively, you will be able to attend a face to face training during events, typically 1 hour before shifts start.

Signup to be a Steward on XR Action Network

Steward Communications

Contact Us

You can reach the Stewarding Team at

How do we keep in touch with fellow Stewards

Before, during and after the events we use several chats:
Big Stewards Chat: A Telegram chat for all XR Steward Volunteers. Chat, queries & call-outs
London Stewards: A Telegram chat for Stewards living in London. Chat, queries & call-outs

We also use more secure Signal communications for Lead Stewards. You will need to be verified by someone from a XR Team or Supporter Organisation to be added to these.

Hand Signals

These Signals are used to communicate with attendees at an event or action Hand-Signals.png

This signal is used to communicate (silently) with other stewards (try and remember to always be looking round and watching your stewarding colleagues to make sure you keep in contact)
Mic Check: when you raise your arm first to get silence then repeat "Mic Check, Mic check", the crowd repeats this "Mic Check, Mic check". Then you give your short message, the crowd repeats it. Then loop again Mic-Check.png

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Mic Check


What is Mic Check?

It is a method to communicate with a large crowd without a PA system or megaphones.

How does it work?

If you hear someone shouting "MIC CHECK", also say "mic check" loudly, until everyone is quiet (or you can use the raised hand gesture to call for silence).

Then a person will ask a question or give direction. Everyone will call and respond (copy) so that a large crowd can hear. The message should be repeated until it reaches the edges of the group.

So if I said very slowly and clearly "we need to move from this site to site B, please follow the stewards" you would say in unison "we need to move from this site to site B, please follow the stewards" And the person next to you would say "we need to move from this site to site B, please follow the stewards"

It's not guaranteed stewards will always need to use mic checks, but it's a really useful tool to manage XR protest crowds 👍🏼 (and very cool when it happens as you realise it's a well oiled, connective collaborative collective - We are all crew 💚✊🏽)

Tips to make the technique effective

Speak in short sentences or phrases (the people around you need to hear the sentence, remember it and then repeat it).
Leave gaps between sentences so that the message can ripple out (don't speak the next sentence until you cannot hear the repeats in the crowd - this will tell you the message has spread far enough away)
If you had planned to give a speech, just go over the top key points (probably a maximum of 5 sentences)


Greta giving an example of the Mic Check in 2018 Declaration of Rebellion

Stewarding Training

We have a number of Zoom sessions where we will go through various aspects of Stewarding and give you a chance to ask questions. We recommend all Stewards attend Stewards General Training, or a face to face session at an event.

We aim to run online training monthly and more frequently in the run up to big events
Signup to be a Steward on XR Action Network to hear about these sessions or keep an eye on the Movement Broadcast on Telegram.

Training- online

17 Jun 7-8pm Register for General Stewarding Training
20 Jun 7-8pm Register for General Stewarding Training

General Training Video General Stewarding Training - 30min
General Training Video (Restore Nature Now version) General Stewarding Training - 40min

Stewards Briefing Video
Short 4min video of stewarding tips

Roadtaking Training Video Roadtaking Training - 35min (version includes banner placement animations and quiz)

We have also run the sessions listed below previously, and can organise again if they are needed - contact us for details:

Training materials, Powerpoint slide decs etc. are available if you want to run your own training sesions.

Training: Face to Face

We usually run face to face training sessions during large events, typically 1 hour before shifts start.

Top Tips Sheet

Helpful sheet if you just want to print one page, export this one as a PDF

Lead Steward Training

Lead Stewards are welcome to join any of the training sessions above and we can always add on a section at the end to cover Lead topics (its a few extra slides)

Further Training

These optional additional training modules will enhance your skills and confidence when Stewarding:

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What to bring with you when Stewarding

Things to check before you arrive for your shift
What to bring with you
Where to store stuff

There is often nowhere secure to store anything during events. If you have small items, it's best to carry them with you. Alternatively, there are several companies that have many sites across London where you can store a bag for 24hrs (for a fee). If there are several of you together, try packing everything into one bag - you only pay once.

We are not afiliated to any of these sites and don't recomend any particular company:
Radical Storage
If you know of others, please let us know via email.

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Stewarding Training Materials

The material on this page is for those planning to train others as Stewards. These training slide packs are available for you to adapt as required for your own training sessions.
Materials are constantly being developed and improved so please ensure you download the latest version before use.
If you find any broken links, or have edits or suggestions, please contact

Stewarding Training Sessions

If you are looking to simply be trained then see Stewarding Training for a listing of available sessions to book, or watch.

Stewarding Training Materials

Note these Powerpoint presentation sshould be downloaded and shown using PowerPoint if animations and embedded videos are to work.

Powerpoint Slides for General Steward Training (Google Drive)
Powerpoint Slides for General Steward Training - Restore Nature Now version (Google Drive)
Powerpoint Slides for Stewarding a March Training (Google Drive)
Powerpoint Slides for Roadtaking Training (Google Drive)
Video of Blue Light response during Unite to Survive march, Bath Oct 2023

Zoom Images

Zoom Video Background
Zoom meeting Banner Used when a session requires registration
Zoom meeting Logo Used when a session requires registration

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Planning & Stewarding a March