What's involved in being Wellbeing Crew?

These are guidelines for what to expect once you have signed up as an Action Wellbeing Supporter. It can also serve as a set of guidelines for Wellbeing coordinators.

Before the Action

Once you have signed up for Action Wellbeing role you will be contacted by an Action Wellbeing Coordinator who will be able to link you up with other Action Wellbeing Supporters you will be working with. We recommend choosing an Anchor at this point to help build a support network in preparation for the action and continuing long after. An Anchor is a point of stability during the tumult of an action and offers check-ins as needed by rebels on the ground. They might be someone who can’t come to the action or wants to support from a distance, thus conserving their energies especially for pre- and post-action support.

There will be opportunities for training and ongoing communications so by the time we are on the street we feel prepared, supported and connected.

In this pre-action period we will also arrange a debrief for 1 - 2 weeks after the action. There will be a named person, possibly a Wellbeing Anchor who will make sure this happens. It would be lovely if it can be face to face but of course this is not always possible and when it isn’t zoom calls will be arranged.


Actions can be stressful situations to enter into and we may not always know what’s going to happen ahead of time. Some questions we might ask ourselves and those around us may be:

It is also a good idea to use the Pre-action and arrest preparation guidelines.


You will be added to a group chat for the for the action, which will allow effective communication on the day. Apps used are SIGNAL, WHATSAPP or TELEGRAM. If you don’t have a smart phone, ensure you have the contact number for the Wellbeing Team Coordinator.

Meeting up:

The Wellbeing Team Coordinator will be in touch with you the day before to inform you of the meeting point and time.

On the day...

What to bring:
What to wear:

Prioritise being comfortable, warm and dry. If you wish to, go smart casual - this may help our portrayal in the media and support the image of an inclusive movement. Keep your XR banners and clothing for when you arrive, it’s important that we don’t stand out too much when travelling to the actions.

Wellbeing packs:

Each pair will be given a backpack that will have useful things, e.g snacks, water and survival blankets in it. You will also be given bust cards, which have solicitors number on them.

Being identifiable:

We will all wear blue high-viz tabbards to be identifiable as the wellbeing team. The first aiders will have green first aid tabbards on.

Meeting up:

When we meet up for we will:

Buddying up:

You will have a buddy, who you will stay with or know the exact whereabouts of at all times during the action. If you have been involved in the planning and preparation you will hopefully already have a buddy but if not it will be arranged during the morning briefing. Action Wellbeing Supporters help to keep energy levels high, keep an eye on vulnerable participants, generally ensuring the physical and emotional wellbeing of anybody who is taking part in the action.

There will be time for any questions. Then we will then head to where the actions are happening with our buddies.

During the Action

At the action there will be:

Affinity Groups:

Some of the people taking action will be organised into affinity groups (small groups of people who know each other well enough to take direct action together). Some affinity groups will have a wellbeing coordinator. You and your buddy will be there to provide extra support, encouragement and guidance to these wellbeing coordinators.

There will also be:

Mostly, those who are not part of an affinity group and members of the public who have just joined. It is the role of the wellbeing supporter to keep an eye on the wellbeing of everyone at the action.

What you should do as an Action Wellbeing Supporter:

Help the rebel to return to a positive place after what could be difficult questions.

In case of...

After the Action:

Check out:

We will gather again immediately after the action to check out, and handover if another team is coming on shift. This serves as a mini debrief, but is not an alternative to a full debrief.

Things to think about during check out:

Arrange to check in with your buddy over the next few days and attend the debrief (which will have already been arranged for 1-2 weeks after the action)

Welcome home gathering:

Gather with your affinity group or others you were in action with to connect, share stories and celebrate.


Debriefs are an important part of post action care and can often be forgotten about in the business of an action. That is why we recommend that all debriefs are booked in before the action starts. Some of the main reasons for debriefing are:

Take a look at the Debrief Template. This can be adapted and simplified. Pick the bits that work for you.

After this debrief we recommend keeping an eye out for or organising Ongoing Talking Circles/Reflective Spaces to help stay connected.

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