AGs Reconnect to Rebel - re-energising ideas for 2021



  • Reconnecting

  • Growing the AG Spiderweb

  • Act now! Ideas and training

  • Let’s get Creative...

  • Community Outreach



The pandemic has taken its toll and left some Affinity Groups feeling depleted and/or low on energy and direction. Check out some of these revitalizing ideas:

REACH OUT to your Affinity Group

Call or personal message Affinity Group rebels: find out how they are, check in about participation in the Rebellion, and invite them to a meeting.

Include listening circles in your meetings or longer check ins.

Have an outdoor meeting (if permitted). Choose a local beauty spot, park or just accessible local space. Have a picnic! Genuinely check in - how has everyone coped over past year? Surprise bonuses? Surprise difficulties?

Build a Buddy System within your AG:

Meet Online:

Consider regular Affinity Group meetings for Action Planning

Zoom socials - Pub quiz, Games night, Movie watch party or Zoom cafés …

Host a discussion on a live topic, eg. Actions Strategy Update:

(Keep in mind these zoom security tips:

Start with our XR Story… Send out a topical article to the group, or host a fully-fledged book club - discuss together during a meeting

Watch the Heading for Extinction talk again, to remind ourselves of why we’re here:

Trainings Together

Check out the Rebel Academy:

Run an Affinity Cafe to gel your AG or to start planning for something bigger

Visit Reset TV here for talks and trainings to explore and discuss together:

Invite a speaker, eg. your Local Actions Mobiliser

Struggling to motivate your group?

Consider buddying with another local AG, forming a new AG, or grouping together to form a local AG Supergroup. Check out Rebel Academy: or contact the AGSN for some of our Online AG Formation training.

Here is a 20 min Local Group and Community Group AG Formation Activity which can also be used in an AG meeting to connect and motivate: Quick AG formation here


GROWING THE AG SPIDERWEB: Building connections

AGs, Supergroups and AG Councils

Supergroups and Regional Affinity Group Councils - more information here:

A Supergroup is a collection of rebels, both within or without an AG who link together to work towards a specific action or rebellion or to support small AGs to take action alongside others. Affinity Group (AG) Councils can be run regularly or when needed to support AGs across a region to share ideas and resources, coordinate regional actions or take decisions on a regional level, usually composed of AG representatives.

An Affinity Group Council is a space to:

  • Plan action ideas together

  • Share action designs

  • Have your voice heard and deliver real feedback

  • To share stories and offer experience

  • Support each other: emotionally and logistically

  • Build community

  • Collectively prepare for action and rebellion

  • Get involved!

If you would like help setting up a Supergroup or are interested in joining your Regional AG Council and would like to be looped in, email us at

AG Action Cafés

Watch out for AG CAFÉS being advertised to support rebels to form AGs for action planning for G7 and COP26



There is nothing that knits an AG together like action! Actions are both the magnet and the glue.

Check out the UK Action Strategy Update to find out what’s coming up nationally that you can get involved with

In the time of Covid-19, we have had to be more creative than ever. But this hasn’t stopped us. We need a bit of imagination, awareness and understanding of how to keep everyone safe.

Gently does it... Start small, start simple.

Here are some examples which link with current themes and rebellion waves coming upg:

Mass Trespass: This Land is Our Land - 24th April and June An action for all levels of spice, suitable for families: Check out the Facebook information

Rebellion of one - 1st May A powerful action for a single rebel plus support team happening all across the UK. ’s gaining pace, with actions popping up internationally. There is so much info and training… get amongst it! Want to join or create a team?

Find information and links, Action Network form sign up and Trainings calendar in the Rebellion Of One briefing document here::


Climate and Ecological Emergencies Bill -

The 2nd anniversary of the UK Parliament declaring a climate and ecological emergency is 1st May. Join Rebellion of One or what will you plan to mark this date?

Outreach - encourage people to write to their MPs - help here:

Money Rebellion Take action against bank investment in dirty industry.


Ideas and briefings here:

Kill The Bill

Watch out for demonstrations near you. KillTheBill information

Be a Truth Teller

Whistleblow within companies and target industries: TRUTHTELLER campaign information


Check out these Action Guidelines and Safety and Legal Guidelines for participating in action safely during the Pandemic. (Or host an Affinity Group Zoom meeting to make your own Face Masks!) And more Resources here.

Digital Rebellion

Most action designs come with digital action suggestions which enable more rebels to participate.

Here is one in support of the Climate and Ecological Emergencies Bill: Ask your MP to back the CEE Bill

A digital action for the Global Money Rebellion: Earth Tax Strike

The Digital Rebellion campaign against the Bank of England was a huge success, culminating in a written response from Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey (read more here). WATCH THIS SPACE for more Digital Rebellion campaigns targeting big corporate lobbyists and polluters in the future…

And check out the Digital Rebellion platform and tips from Australia: VIEW MORE ABOUT AUSTRALIA'S DIGITAL REBELLION HERE


How To Action Guide and Little Green Book

Read up on the NVDA How To Action Guide here: CHECK OUT THE GUIDE HERE

And refresh your memory on the AG Little Green Book here: READ THE LGB HERE

Don’t Panic! Action Guide

Handy pocket book for actions from the Regenerative Culture team. It was designed for use during London rebellions but still contains useful information: READ IT HERE

RISE CWUP Training

Explore this pre-Action emotional, practical and legal preparation document. Perhaps invite your Affinity Group to experience it together, in preparation for your next Action. It is a LIVE DOCUMENT and is updated regularly EXPLORE IT HERE

And remind yourself of how to support each other during future actions. Start with this video about Witnessing an Arrest:



⭐️XR Art Group Resources: HERE and HERE

⭐️ Paint the Streets Guidelines: HERE

⭐️ Paint the Streets FAQs: HERE

⭐️ No Going Back Ideas: HERE



This Rebellion our Actions will say NO to the system as it is.

Alongside our Actions, we can hold Community Assemblies.

These are a way of hearing the voices of every person - no one dominates and each contribution is valued. Radical democratic movements from all over the world use them to organise themselves. Organised communities are forces to be reckoned with…

The Community Assemblies will say YES to a better world.

Get skilled up on Community Organising with Trust the People here:

More information on Trust The People here: