XR UK Arts Signposting

XR Art groups and creative communities are growing across the movement. These groups are at the heart and soul of actions and outreach; ranging from XR Design, Art Blockers and Paint The Streets to Protest Architecture, Sound & Music and Theatrics.

Graphic design (Art group) and Content Creators team (video, photography etc) circles sit within M&M. The UK-wide Creative Circle sits within UK Actions. They work closely together.

XRUK Art Groups & Campaigns contacts are listed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EcT71PfZ5yRXifIKVi_on7CVA0l4jQv2KozeF-oI6m4/edit

XR UK Regions & Nations Art Coordinators network is not shared publicly. Get in touch to be connected in: artsxr@gmail.com (try your local group first).

Here are some key contacts

Arts Info: artsxr@gmail.com
Art Assets banners & flags: artblockers@gmail.com.
Graphic Design: xrdesigngroup@gmail.com
Paint The Streets fly posting, subvertising and murals: xrpaintthestreets@protonmail.com

If you would like to request Art Assets (flags & banners) for an action please read this Art Assets Guide and contact the Art Blockers at artblockers@gmail.com.

There are a range of groups on Facebook. Use these spaces as a resource to connect with other artists and post call-outs for actions. Search on FB for:

  • XR Art Blockers
  • XR Performing Arts & Culture
  • XR Rebel Hoopers
  • XR Rebel Clowns
  • Extinction Rebellion Choir
  • Writers Rebel
  • Extinction Rebellion Writers
  • Skeletons Rebellion
  • XRBaroque
  • XR Fashion Action
  • Extinction Rebellion Music
  • Rebel Dancers
  • XR Artists, Musicians & Poets
  • Music for Rebellion
  • Samba / xrsambauk@protonmail.com
  • Red Rebel Brigade