Practical Guide - How to set up Buddy Programme

🌱🌳🌍 The aim of the Buddy programme is to foster connections and community, and help grow the XR movement by making it easier for new rebels to find a meaningful role. 🌱🌳🌍

STEP 1- Recruit Buddies


Put a shout out on your XR networks/at meetings for people who'd like to buddy up with new rebels. Keep track of who replies on a spreadsheet.

Buddies don't need to be trainers or experts, it's just about building a friendly connection with New Rebels and sharing activism enthusiasm/experience

STEP 2 - Gather Buddies

Gather your Buddies for a quick meeting to explain the programme (see below) and answer questions

STEP 3 - Invite New Rebels


Using Integrations spreadsheet of New Rebels who have attended Introduction/Getting More Involved meetings, email all the New Rebels inviting them to try Buddies.

Mark who replies on a spreadsheet, and then match up each New Rebel with a Buddy.

It's good to know a bit about your Buddies, their skills and WGs, and try to match New Rebel accordingly (age,WG interest etc.)

Send the New Rebel's details to a Buddy so Buddy can reach out and set up the first chat!


The idea is a Buddy is assigned a New Rebel for a month,and they arrange weekly chats.

Buddying is ALOT like mentoring - there's a useful doc here

Buddies need to take the initiative in setting up weekly chats/hangs with New Rebels and finding out what their interests are/building a supportive relationship

Reach out to your New Rebel with some kind of friendly opener - maybe say a little about who you are/which WG you're in and arrange a time to chat/check in.

These weekly chats can be quite short, 20mins or so, it will probably be between the New Rebel going to their first WG meetings, and means they can come back and ask you questions (it can feel confusing/a bit nerve wracking joining a new group, so Buddies can be a friendly face where it's less formal and easier to chat than a meeting).

Buddies can completely free style and do whatever they want/follow the conversation that happens naturally when chatting to their New Rebel - this can be good as it's a chance to bond and for New Rebels to talk freely instead of have XR explained at them/be talked at like in Training sessions

New Rebels are often talented and highly skilled people, so Buddies can learn just as much from them!


They can follow the weekly chat programme below, based on Chico's website -


WEEK 1 - Meetings & Mattermost

In your first chat get to know your new rebel and their background, talk about basic XR meeting structure as it will be really new to them! Explain and practice check in, the hand signals, that there's an agenda and APs

Ask how they're finding XR and what's motivated them to join.

Some questions you can explore together -

What was my first experience with XR like?

What excites me about joining XR?

Does anything about the movement worry me?

Find out your new rebels WG interest or if they want more information about WGs - WG DOCUMENT

The idea is you can be a bit of a friendly anchor while they negotiate getting settled into a group,you don’t have to know about what every WG does but it’s good if you can talk to Integration/different WG coords and get information for your New Rebel

Explain a bit about Mattermost (Integration will send them an invite)

WEEK 2 - Regen

A good way to open might be asking -

Are there any questions that came up since we last spoke?

Talk about what Regenerative culture means and looks like in XR, resilience and well being, think about what you understand about it and what it means to you


Some questions you could explore -

Do my personal values align with XR?

Do I need to slow down my 'yeses' to avoid taking on too much?

What does it mean to be alive right now & what is sacred to me?

What did you love to do as a ten-year-old?

What have I always wanted to do?

WEEK 3 - Outreach & Actions

Outreach and Actions do fantastic work getting the XR message out on the streets. This will probably be the bit New Rebels are most familiar with - the pink boat, protests, seeing XR in the headlines.

You can share your experience of Actions, maybe talk about upcoming Actions, how your New Rebel feels about the issue of arrest, everyone will be different and everyone matters <3

You could use this week to go flyering/postering/stickering with your New Rebel!

How can we make a positive impact in our communities?

How can we tell compelling climate stories to friends/family?

WEEK 4 - Review

At your last chat, check in and see if your New Rebel has been able to pick up any APs in meetings, are they feeling comfortable enough to start contributing?

Hopefully New Rebels will be settling into their WG role - but anything could have happened, some New Rebels will be too busy or won't want to be more involved- that's ok - if you have the opportunity to get any feedback from them it might be useful for your LG

Hopefully you'll have learnt a bit about each other, and XR has grown 🥰 maybe share a bit about what you have learnt from them, let them know you’ve valued connecting with them.

New Rebels are grateful to have their Buddies to reach out to! It gives them space where it is ok to talk about not understanding acronyms, or feeling worried about being quiet in meetings or generally not understanding XR yet - all very normal beginning feelings.

At the last meeting remind your New Rebel they can maybe still contact you or Integration as needed 🌱🌳🌍


You might need -

New Rebels mattermost thread

When Integration adds New Rebel's to mattermost they get added to a private New Rebels channel. This is where Buddies and New Rebels can chat together and share resources. Integration will post useful upcoming training for new rebels here NVDA/SOS/DNA etc.

Buddies signal/whatsapp chat

For Buddy coord to chat to Buddies, ask any questions to each other, about the programme or general issues

Integration spreadsheet of New Rebels

A spreadsheet which has information of all new rebels who sign up on Action Network to the LG, come to Introduction/Getting More Involved, has new rebels contact details, skills and WG interests

Any questions hmu on mattermost or


Hazel @hazelelizabeth Bristol Integration WG