Collecting Feedback

Since this is the first iteration of what is expected to become a cycle of work, it is vital that we collect as much feedback and reflections from those involved so that we can improve on the process next time around.

Feedback from UKSA

We have had a feedback form open for comments from the UKSA members since the beginning of the process. This has collected a few reflections but has not beeen widely used by the members. However, there is a space for reflections at the end of each session which have been captured and either acted on immediately, where appropriate, or recorded for fuller analysis. This information can bee seen here.

Following from this, the support team has been booking Check-in Calls with each Assembly Member. These have been much more fruitful in terms of understanding how better to support the individuals in this process and how they would like to see the process change in the future.

Feedback from the Support Team

Now that we are at the midpoint of the process we will be reflecting on our experience in facillitating sessions, planning activities and generally trying to hold the process. We want to make sure that the next iteration is much smoother and meets a lot more of the needs of the individuals involved.

This feedback will be collected though phonecalls where each person in the support team will have a chance to reflect on their experience so far and think on what they would change for the next iteration.

Feedback on the Strategy Content

One the Assembly approves and releases this version of the strategy there will of course be a way for rebels across the movement to feed back on what they thing of the content and how easily they could apply it to their work. This, among many other threads, will form a basis for the review part of the next strategy.

Exactly how this feedback will be collected is yet to be decided.