Defining the Scope of Work

It is important for us to know what this process is trying to do, and what it cannot do. Therefore we have the following definitions of what can be affected by decisions within the Strategy Process and what cannot.

In Scope

  1. Abstract concepts and considerations that directly impact strategy development and can be scheduled as part of the strategic discussions and realistically resolved within the timeframe.

    • E.g. specific adjustments to Theories of Change (ToC) or emphasis given to individual demands.
  2. Concrete strategy development work.

    • A review of the Power Together 2020 Strategy (long form) document. Given the scale and speed of change since this document was created, what can stay the same, what needs to change, and what can be taken away.
    • Insight into the current internal and external environment to inform discussions and decisions and provide a basis and rationale for change.
  3. Strategy writing & consolidation.

    • The SDT has the mandate to draft strategy proposals and the UKSA is there to reflect on these, ammend and consolidate them into a final working product

Out of Scope

  1. Vision Setting:
    • Vision, Purpose, Principles and Values. Each of these are held by the Guardianship & Visioning Circle (G&V) within UK Support. Any conserns or amendments to such core parts of the XR DNA should be brough to G&V and not the UKSA.
    • More fundamental revisions of Theories of Change or Demands that need to be taken out of the strategy process as other groups are working on them, or the complexity will require a longer series of discussions etc.
  2. Tactical Campaign Planning:
    • Planning at the level of specific tactics or timelines. The mandate for operationalising the Strategy remains with the Operations Circle within UK Support. Should rebels wish to be involved in this work you can connect via the Operations Reception.