The 2021 UK Strategy Process is underway!

The Process

There are two main groups working on this: the UK Strategy Assembly (UKSA) which is made up of rebels representing the movement; and the Strategy Development Team (SDT) who are 5-7 rebels, elected by the UKSA, who will write the strategy documents and bring them back to the assembly for feedback, approval and consolidation.

The Strategy Process is outlined in this book and the intention is that strategy is revisited 2-3 times a year (or more!) to account for changes in the landscape around us.

A rough outline of the process could be brought down into the following:

  1. Assembly get to know each other, build trust and mutual understanding. Review previous strategy and reflect on the things which truly had an impact.
  2. Process of convergent facilitation takes place to ensure every need within the Assembly is taken into account in the next strategy. Focusing on what overall headlines should be in it to move forward, and what the strategy needs to look like to be useful to the movement.
  3. Assembly starts to answer the needs identified and SDT starts to form proposals based on the needs identified for the strategy.
  4. Decision making stage. Where assembly agrees on exactly what will be in the next strategy. Pulling together the work of all previous steps.

A more detailed timeline can be found Here.

The Assembly

The assembly is made up of:

  • 6 reps from nations/regions (elected by The Hive).
  • 5 reps from minority voices (elected by CoLiberation Project and Justice Steering Group).
  • 4 reps from Operations.
  • 3 reps from other UK Support sub-circles (elected by UK Support).
  • 1 rep from XR Youth.
  • 1 rep from Internationalist Solidarity Network.

They meet 3 times a week during the Strategy Process:

  • Tuesdays 9am
  • Thursdays 6pm
  • Saturdays 12pm

Each meeting is 3 hours long and is facillitated by one of the facillitation team. Summaries of each meeting will be available here as the process continues as well as weekly overviews of the key points discussed and conclusions made.

The meetings will also be recorded and are available upon request. Our email address is: xrstrategyvoices@protonmail.com.

Are you interested in supporting this process?

We are looking for Rebels who may be interested in joining the Support Network. We are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that this whole piece of work goes as smoothly and as regeneratively for both those involved and the wider movement.

Specifically, we are looking for document organisers, communicators and training coordinators.

Contact us Here.

A note to Rebels

The rebels who have stepped up to be a part of the UKSA are from across the country, some of them have long-term experience in XR strategy and understand the mistakes we've made before and some are brand new to this kind of space.

We ask of everyone to be kind to those involved. It is a big deal to donate so much of your time (9 hours of meetings, hours of discussions and more of reading per week!) to bring your heart and soul into a movement you believe in and want the best for.

We ask for patience, belief, and radical trust as we step forward into the unknown.