Proposal: Strategy Format Team

We suggest a small group of three to five Assembly reps.


Consider all aspects of how the Strategy agreed by the Assembly will be communicated to the movement. Assess what strengths/resources already exist in XRUK with regard to this, and think creatively about how to add to these.


Request interested reps from the Assembly to meet together, hear each others’ availability, connections and skills and reach agreement on who will be in SFT. If agreement cannot easily be reached, ask SASN Process group to come up with a process.


Form SFT during weeks two & three Preparation during weeks three, four & five Production during weeks five and six Release in week seven


Connect with all relevant skills across XR (eg copywriting, proof-reading, graphic design, accessibility auditing, video production, video presentation etc etc) Identify all channels for dissemination, and gain access to them As soon as Strategy is agreed, XR will want it released as soon as possible (possibly in stages?) so good preparation will help with this.


As soon as Strategy agreed, produce materials and distribute.

@Cliff 10th Jan 2021