Strategy Working Groups

Core Working Groups

The following Groups are those definied by this strategy proccess and hold a key role in the design of the strategy. Other Working Groups will be involved either in supporting the smooth running of the process or represented by Rebels within the assembly.

  • UK Strategy Assembly (UKSA) - 20 strategy leads representing national circles/groups, nations, and regions, to represent the UK movement, connect strategy leads, decide about strategy.
  • Strategy Development Team - 5-7 strategy reps elected from the UKSA with the option to recruit no more than two role holders from outside of the UKSA. To develop strategy and rapid strategic response, and provide tools for implementation.
  • External Advisory Panel - Providing expert strategy (and other) advice, counsel, and support.
  • Facilitation Group - A pool of internal and external facilitators able to support team set-up, orientation, governance, and decision-making.