UK Strategy Assembly Mandate


  • Connect strategy leads throughout XRUK to facilitate an ongoing UK-wide dialogue about strategy.
  • Enable strategy representatives on the UKSA to co-create XRUK strategy through close consultation with, and involvement of the national circles and groups/nations/regional/local groups they represent.
  • Elect and oversee SDT - key architects of the strategy document.
  • Consolidate insights and feedback from the circles and groups as relevant to the strategy review process.
  • Communicate regularly with the wider movement, keeping them informed of the process and its progress, and how movement feedback and consultation is being incorporated into the strategy review process.
  • Approve XRUK's 3 x yearly strategy review proposals.


XRUK Strategy.

Team Make-Up

  • 6 reps from nations/regions (elected by The Hive).
  • 5 reps from minority voices (elected by CoLiberation Project and Justice Steering Group).
  • 4 reps from Operations.
  • 3 reps from other UK Support sub-circles (elected by UKSupport).
  • 1 rep from XR Youth.
  • 1 rep from International Support Network.
Appointing UKSA Representatives

It will be left to the circles/groups to decide whom to appoint, but SST would encourage groups to think about how they would like to see themselves represented in an iterative strategy process that will review and adapt UK-wide strategic intentions in 3-monthly cycles. The purpose of a movement-wide strategy is to help XR achieve its primary goal - delivery of the three demands. A successful strategy will therefore require an understanding of, and focus on, the diverse groups of external stakeholders that we need to identify, analyse, reach and influence.

Timing of nominations to UKSA

Nominations for the UKSA representative were submitted to the SST by 9th November 2020, roles were shared betwen nominees and the final assembly met for the first time on Novemeber 24th.

Ways of Working

  • Work with SST, Organism Development Project (ODP) and SOS to define and elect roles as required to fulfill the mandate e.g EC, IC, secretary, someone to update the movement on progress, someone to book and brief facilitators.
  • Agree ways of working within the team and with the circles/groups they represent.
    • It is recommended that the UKSA meet weekly during the 3 x yearly review process (March, July, Nov) and monthly thereafter or as required e.g. when SDT is dealing with unanticipated events.
  • Movement consultation and communication must be enshrined into the ways of working. It is critical to the successful outcome of this strategy review process.
    • Work with SDT to understand what type of feedback or insight they will need from the movement.
    • Work with Feedback & Learning Culture to agree how the movement will be consulted and plot against timeline to allow for advanced notice and preparation.
    • The aim must be to provide SDT with consolidated input as it will not have the time or capacity to process multiple information streams.
  • Agree on the facilitation team and approach facilitators to gauge interest/availability. Sufficient notice for facilitators must be built into the process.
  • Work with M&M regarding the strategy launch externally and internally. Plans should be agreed well in advance of the launch date.

NB. The UKSA must reflect on the ways in which XR UK does and doesn’t engage with the international XR community, as well as on the impacts of its actions beyond the UK.