UKSA Core Meeting 1

Kick off Meeting!

Purpose: Get to know each other & overview of the whole process

Getting to know each other

The primary focus of this first meeting was for the members of the asembly to meet each other. A part of the Trust the People course was given to introduce the importance of knowing each other to build trust.

Mandate, Process and Schedule

To kick start the assembly reviewed it's mandate, which can be found here. Looking at what they are trying to achieve and acknowledging what is and is not within the scope of their work.

Then they looked at the process they are embarking on, seeing the 4 stages and reminding themselves that this is only the first version of a repeating process. More information on the process and it's interations can be found here

The current timeline is hoping to complete Stage 1 by December 5th, to start gathering needs as part of the Confergent Facilitation process on December 8th and goes so far as to hope that the SDT can be elected before the assembly breaks up for Christmas.

It is expected that there will be modifications to the plan and timeline as we progress, we hope to keep everyone up to date through these pages!

Search for Group Agreements

The assembly broke out into groups of 3 to discuss what they can agree to in terms of working together throughout this process. Each group fed into a harvest document for the facillitators to process and return next session with some suggested agreements.