UKSA Core Meeting 10

Date Tuesday 22nd December

Participants: 21 Strategy representatives, representing 16 seats. Unrepresented were 2 Operations seats, ISN and one MOV seat.

Purpose of Meeting: To complete the gathering of needs by Convergent Facilitation.


The assembly split into 2 Breakout Rooms to complete the gathering of needs. This was done to allow for more time for each member to speak and was a considerably better experience for all those involved.

The assembly then grouped their needs into catagories to help in the consolidation process. The catagories are as follows:

  • Who is the Strategy For?
  • The effect we want the Strategy to have (upon reading)
  • How do we want the Strategy to help us work together as a Movement
  • What is our strategic direction
  • How the Strategy will be formulated (likely out of Scope)
  • Changing the Demands (likely out of Scope)

The full list of needs can be found here