UKSA Core meeting 11

Date Tuesday 5th January 2021

Participants: 27 Strategy representatives, representing 18 seats. Unrepresented seats today were 2 Operations seats.

Purpose: Restart with purpose and clear way ahead


  1. Introduction to Roadmap

The support team spent the break working on a plan for how to carry the Strategy Process from where it is to its completion. At which point we will have a Strategy to give the movement. A summary of this plan can be found in the process chapter of this book - Here.

  1. Convergent Facilitation

The assembly looked back over the consolidated needs that it had produced last year, along with those which came out of the People's Assembly, with the aim of highlighting any which are controversial. Over the next few sessions the assembly will further consolidate this list into the final set of Noncontroversial Essences which the Strategy written byt the SDT will be held against in the final stages of approval.

  1. Intro to the SDT election Nominations for the Strategy Development Team are currently being made and will hopefully be voted on over the weekend. There was a brief presentation to recap exactil the purpose of the SDT and what they are expected to do.

Information on the SDT and how they will be elected can be found here.