UKSA Core Meeting 12

Date: January 7th 2021

Present: 29 Strategy representatives, representing 19 seats, missing today was ISN.


Hustings for SDT , Orientation for Presentations of Proposals and Inputs, Ways of Strategising


Facilitators presented the Madate and Needs of the Strategy Development Team, followed by a round of the Nominees where they could each introduce themselves.

The Nominees are:

Anneka Alfie
Bexx Hamish
Hester Kerri
Lizzy Marina
Mothiur Rob G.
Rob R. Chidi
Aasia Clare

Each candidate was asked:
Which part of the strategic landscape would you like to concentrate on as areas to identify potentials of meaningful change - that would progress towards our 3 demands?

Voting closes for the SDT at 1pm on January 10th.

Presenting Proposals and Inputs

Facilitators took some time to outline how inputs and proposals can be brought into the space, and asked the assembly for any people they would be interested in hearing from.

Work was presented on how strategy depends on a cycle of action and observation and Dee followed on by presenting her work on an analytical approach to developing strategy.