UKSA Core Meeting 14

Date: 14th January 2021

Particupants: 24 Strategy representatives + observers, representing 17 seats. Unrepresented seats today were ISN and 2 Operations seats.

Purpose: Trust-building, Co-orgaising & SDT Needs

Meeting Summary

Assembly spent the first half of todays meething sharing with the group, telling stories of their passions, hopes and fears.

Next the assembly looked at a proposal for a Strategy Format Team (SFT) to focus on how the strategy is communicated and what formats it ought to be available in. More information on this proposal can be found here.

Finally, we heard a report from the SDT on their progress and needs.

SDT Report.

The SDT has had 2 meetings so far for some initial conversations and getting to know each other before inviting in a facilitator.

They wish to establish a framework using Dee's approach which they are aiming to bring back on Tuesday.

In the nect session they hope to look at specific questions such as
"What were the 10 biggest actions of the year?"

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