UKSA Core Meeting 15

Date: Tuesday 19th January 2021

Participants: 22 assembly members present covering 18 seats. Unrepresented today were 1 Ops seat and 1 HIVE seat.


SDT Update.

Clare presented the SDT work to date, based around an analytic approach to strategy. They are currently doing a lot of reading and trying to imaginge what change would look like.

Asked Assembly Members to break out for a short discussion on:
What is happening in the world in the next five years that will be relevant to our strategy?

Strategy Advisors
Due to a limited budget to pay for speakers to input into the Strategy Assembly, the assembly has resolved to prioritise PoC and marginalised communities for payment. Others will be invited but not offered compensation. Attention will also be paid to any areas not already covered.

Strategy Format Team
Assembly revisit the Strategy Format Team Proposal and recieve a selection of offerings from the Communities Circle for how they can support in the delivery of the strategy.


Momentum Driven Organisiing - Luis
The second half of the session was spent with Louis Ramirez, who gave two presentations centred around Momentum-driven organising.

The first presentation was on momentum driven organising and Theories of Change, while the second was on distributed organising, after which the assembly memebers split into breakout rooms to discuss how what they heard may influence the strategy.