UKSA Core Meeting 16

Date: Thursday 21st January

Participants: 25 members representing 18 seats. Unrepresented today were 2 Operations Seats.


Session started with a guest from the Communties Circle to highlight how they can help with the delivery of the Strategy and what they would need from the UKSA to be able to do so. These offerings can be found here.

SDT Update

The SDT presented 4 pillars on which the stategy should sit to the assembly. They plan to use these as stepping stones to change political will to allow the 3 Demands to be met.

Those pillars are:

  • Mass Mobilisation
  • Public Outrage
  • Crisis Media Coverage
  • Systemic Disruption

The SDT is asking the UKSA for insights on each pillar, looking at what has been done before, what we have learnt and what new opportunities we may have.

Extension on First Draft.
The assembly were then asked bythe SDT for a week extension on providing a first draft for approval. This was accepted by the Strategy Assembly with full support.

Glocalisation - Kofi Klu

The Assembly then heard from the ISN's Kofi to talk about Glocalisation, how it allows us to think globally and act locally, and importantly how we can connect movements with each other internationally. The recording of Kofi's talk can be requested by emailing

The Assembly then discussed what they had heard and Kofi held a Q&A session.