UKSA Core Meeting 17

Date: Tuesday 26th January

Participants: 22 assembly members representing 14 seats, absent were 2 Operations Seats, 2 UK Support Seats and 2 Nations & Regions seats.


Assembly started by revisiting the Quorum talks from last year. A proposal was brought and passed. So the following has now been agreed upon:

Proposals must be brought to a meeting which takes place before the meeting in which they are decided. Objections to any proposal can be made between the meeting in which the proposal is first made and the meeting in which it is decided. Objections can be made online. Minimum 2 days needed before being voted on.

At least 65% of voting representatives must be present in a meeting in order for a decision to pass.

A representative from each of the 6 Assembly groups must be present in a meeting in order for a decision to pass. If any group will be absent from a meeting, they can excuse themselves from the “6 groups” quorum in advance of the meeting. Again, this can be done on Mattermost or by email.

A few housekeeping things were touched on including having a SA member and an SDT member assist with the scheduling of input sessions, having an SA member involved in managing the finacials and looking at how the group will revisit all the things that came up in Saturdays session with Marvina from BLM.

The SDT then lead the Assembly in a discussion about the state of the world external to XR. Thinking about what is new, what is infulential, how these interact with the CEE. They invited people to draw from their own experiences of privilege and hardship and how this may affect your attitude to the movement and external issues.

Next, the assembly discussed the 4 Pillars suggested byt the SDT last week. Knowing that these needed to be tested to ensure that they were the "right" pillars and that there weren't any missing. The assembly were asked to each focus on a single pillar and ask, "what does it need to include?" and "how can it hold the inputs we have?"

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