UKSA Core Meeting 2

28th November 2020, 12pm

Purpose: Learn about group processes and define working agreements

Building Healthy Working Relationships

Paul from Trust the People kindly came into the Assembly to give their module on building healthy teams. This included roles within a team, how some of them fall into "Task Oriented" or "Maintainence" roles but that both are important to a healthy team.

Most of the information offered here can be found in the Trust the People Workshops - Here

Managing Conflict

The assembly were given some key information about conflict and how it is important to give it space but also to use it constructively. Various tools for handling conflict were mentioned and a Weekly Listening & Support space has been offered to the members.

Conflict isn't a problem, it's an opportunity.

Conflict often be signalling:

  • That some needs are unmet
  • The power and/or trust to care for all the needs involved is not currently within reach
  • Change is emerging
  • Our relationships, agreements, understanding of what we are trying to do, ways of sharing power, and social systems, may need to evolve.

For more information on conflict check out these pages from Trust the People.

Introducing Group Agreements

We’re different people, probably with shared as well as different needs about the process and how to work together. These are agreements that try to cover the basics of what is needed in order to collaborate smoothly.

The assembly broke into groups to discuss the proposed agreements, aiming to feed back to each other and select a small group who will attempt to integrate the ideas and bring a set of proposals to the next meeting.