UKSA Core Meeting 3

Tuesday 1st December 2020 9am to 12pm

25 representatives present (21 present at 9am)

1. Proposal for Working Agreements for this Assembly

See Proposal HERE.

The proposal was taken through the integrative desicion making process which allows space for clarifications, reactions and objections. The threashold for an objection is "Seeing a concrete harm in the proposal or that it will take us backwards."

Integrated Objections / Proposals
  • Include breaks at least 5 minutes per hour
  • Stepping up and stepping back - gentle reminder that we should be prepared to let lesser heard people speak
  • To connect up listening circles (Sustain all Life) with BIPOC anti-oppression
Unresolved Objections to Section 3 (Decision Making)
  • Cancel requirement all 6 groups should be present - Limit to ⅔
  • Requirement for all six groups hits the obstacle that XRY has only one rep
  • Proposal that all nations should be present to establish quorum
  • Quorum - positive weighting for marginalised voices
  • Proposal “at least half groups represented with at least one from MOV”
  • Tension named about how the super-groupings had been decided on

PROPOSAL ACCEPTED (apart from Section 3 - Quora and Decision Making)

Full session on Thursday (3rd) to include listening session, followed by proposals. Members invited to think carefully about the issues before Thursday's meeting - All members, including all those sharing seats, invited as this process question does not affect strategy.

2. Thinking about Strategic Picture: Where are we at as a movement?

Build up a mosaic of perspectives on where the movement is at the moment.

Main themes captured in heat-map:
  • Assault on sense-making, covid, culture wars, co-option by govt
  • XR not radical enough? Creative enough? More than civil disobedience
  • Should we break up movement?
    • Need for positive vision
    • go to where people are
    • connecting to working class
    • grassroots activity
  • Broaden approach or stay focussed on 3 demands?
  • Internal Concerns:
    • not unified enough
    • silos and separation
    • volunteer fatigue
    • lack of retention
    • stale and tired
    • shrinking
    • replicating toxic structures
    • need to be less top-down
    • renewed focus on shared goals
    • Broken Trust
    • need to strengthen regenerative culture

The map produced can be seen here: A wall of post-its representing the above

This discussion to be starting point for everything from now on.

To follow: Review of past year to provide indication of needs new strategy should meet.