UKSA Core Meeting 5

Saturday December 5th, 2020, 12pm GMT

Purpose: Decision making and exploration of the big picture.

Some time was taken at the start of this meeting to apologise for the mistakes in facilitation made in Thursday's session.

Decision Making Proposals

Assembly revisited the decision making proposals, looking for an answer to "How many people need to be present in order for a decision to be valid?" or "Is there another way that we can ensure consensus and/or consent?"

Facillitator gave an explanation of consent-based decision making, with regards to any objection being sufficient to stop the process to be integrated and a brief explanation of Convergent Facilitation and how it makes sure every need and concern is taken into account.

The primary desire of the Assembly was heard to be the writing of a decision-making process into the working agreements which is as inclusive of as many voices as possible. And so this agreement above all others has taken added time, and rightfully so.

Deepening the Big Picture

The assembly returned to the big picture map which they had created earlier that week. The aim was to ask deeper questions and try to see the patterns as they present themselves. This will be continues in the next session.