UKSA Core meeting 6

Big Picture Exploration and Convergent Facilitation 1

Tuesday, December 8th 2020, 9am GMT


Deepening the Big Picture exploration: Starting with Convergent Facilitation (due to Paul K.'s time constraints and to move forward with the process).

Deepening the Big Picture

The Assembly split into break out rooms to discuss the following:

"Look at the concepts, patterns, tensions and relationships in this map.
What are your lived experiences of them?
Go with what interests you and stands out to you.
In those experiences, what are your deep longings for the movement?"

Below are some of the reflections made:

  • The patterning of the orange post-its shows the level of internal self-questioning. We might be too internal facing? With COP coming we should be looking outwards.

  • COP feels very pivotal - a point of inflection - ten of millions of people woven together in their focus on the CEE - If we try to take everyone along with us at the right pace there is a risk of losing sight of how amazing the journey so far has been?

  • Preparation for catastrophe - Covid has been massive and another catastrophe is just around the corner. In times of trouble the Army takes over, we need to be preparing to be that alternative. We can make a different model with our Regenerative Culture. We don’t want to be like a Consevative Govt.

  • Where’s the joy? Where’s the pleasure? In the BLM - Adrienne talks about the irresistible emergence - We need to talk about why XR it not growing in the UK? There’s too few of us to lose us.

  • Need to return to a positive vision - a different way of being - it’s difficult to do that while rebelling Against. We need to rebel For things.

  • We have lost a lot of people to mutual aid groups - We need to talk to working age people about food security, energy security - How are we going to physically make their lives better - Covid gave us an opportunity, Brexit will give us an opportunity - If we are practical about helping people, we will be there - If people are worried about the basics, they won’t have time for this stuff.

  • Longing that the movement would embrace social justice - the slowness with which we change - the centre of the movement needs to move more quickly - There’s a feeling of “ White people don’t want to get their hands dirty.”

Convergent Facilitation Session 1

The Assembly started it's initial gathering of Needs as part of the Convergent Facilitation Process.

There are two main questions to be asked here:

  1. What do we want our strategy to do?

    • Where is it trying to bring us to, and how?
  2. What shape do we want the strategy to have?

    • What form, ways of communicating, guides for decision making, etc. does it need to have to be most useful and supportive?

The first of these was asked today and the information gathered can be found on This Flipchart