UKSA Core Meeting 7

10th December 2020, 6pm GMT

26 Strategy representatives + observers, representing 18 seats Unrepresented seats today were: 2 seats from Operations Facilitators (Ash, Clarissa) - 1 Feedback & Tech (Harry) - 1 SASN Link / Scribe (Paolo)

Open Space (30 mins)

Some points taked about include:

  • A need for common nomenclature across the movement, being clear on when we use certain words such as "Strategy", "Plan", and "Tactics" to avoid confusion.

  • There are different ways of being a rebel and we need to have many ways to enter, not just through LGs and AG formations.

  • Being open to different people - talking to the different people we are representing

  • What is in and what is out of scope? - Diverse theories of change came up

  • Tension between feeling an emergency - “If you want to go fast go alone, If you want to go far go together.”

  • we didn’t get enough time to explore about different perspectives - the working class perspectives, the Asian perspectives. We must not generalise because to do so is to erase the lived experiences and our ability to learn from each other and produce a strategy.

Introduction To Consent Decisions Presentation [Clarissa] from SOS Basics

The slide presented in this section can be found Here. The cover consent based decision making and how it differs from other methods, how to become comfortable in the use of objections and integrating them, and how to effectively participate in consent based decision making.

Some questions raised during this section:

  • How does this works in practice? I admire the principle, but in practice “the wisdom of the No” is not often seen as wisdom - ‘Good enough to go’ can lead people away from looking at the minority view.
    • Yes, the key thing to understand is that there is wisdom in the no.
  • What about when personal conflict is causing harm to a person?
    • This depends on the definition of harm - It could be we need to examine this in light of the principles and values.
    • Sometimes proposals surface a wider issue that needs to be addressed - if conflict is causing damage that is happening anyway, it would not be addressed by the objection. Is it actually being caused by that proposal or is it part of a bigger problem that needs to be addressed.
  • What if there is harm going in both directions? Harm will be caused either way
    • What would be needed here is some creativity - Is there another way? Working together to find a creative solution. Delve a bit more into what is behind the harms.
    • In our working agreement we will have a sliding threshold for objections.
Finalising Agreement on the Assembly’s Decision-Making Process

Five different proposals were presented to the group which can be found here. It was thought that a combination of options would be best and due to time constraints a Working Group was formed to go away and come back with a more closely defined proposal for approval by the Assembly.

The following Assembly members volunteered to form the Working Group:

Marina, Hester, Bryan, Mothiur, Jac, Bex, Rob

Anyone from the Assembly is still free to join the group.