UKSA Core Meeting 8

Date Tuesday 15th December

Participants 25 Assembly members representing 17 seats. Absent were ISN and 2 operations seats.

Theme for the day.
A radically grounded Strategy Assembly, that is a true expression of our rebellious desires, and that can speak the authentic language of lesser-heard voices, will be an act of rebellion in itself.
An act of rebellion not against XR as an institution, but against the system that has produced us and our crises, and that continues to shape us all.


The assembly started the first stage of the Convergent Facilitation process. Over the next few sessions, we aim to identify the Assembly's needs for the Strategy. However, the goal is not to simply state every need as it is given, but to extract the Noncontroversial Essences. By this we mean, finding the core of the need which can be agreed upon by the whole assembly.

We started this proccess as a whole group through this meeting. This was commented on by the assembly members that it did not feel like the best use of time, this feedback will be taken into account for the following sessions.

Note from Process Team

We’ll return to the needs gathering exercise next Tuesday to take that forward . Paul and a few others are working on grouping the list so that it’s as clear as possible. This work can be seen here. They are flagging things that look like duplicates (being very careful that nothing is removed or lost in the process).

We’ll leave the remainder of the first phase until after the holiday. Then we will simplify any duplicates in the list, as an assembly, and go over any “allergies”. It’s important to keep in mind that until we’ve done the allergies stage, this list is in no way agreed.